Babs Harrison

Managing director of Phoenix based Babs Harrison and Partners

Babs  Harrison

With more than 20 years of communications experience, Babs focuses on blending the traditional with the innovative and developing integrated strategies to best position a client in today's world of media transformation.

She has worked in-house for a resort and spa management company; for an international marketing and pr agency specializing in hospitality and travel; for media outlets such as the Dallas Morning News; and she has authored books on subjects ranging from wine antiques and cocktails to spa cuisine. Her strength is finding a property's unique qualities and maximizing the broadcast of that message to all appropriate media, new and old, digital and print.

In her career, Babs has been based in New York, where for eight years she led an agency's media and client contact campaigns, and also in Honolulu, San Francisco, and now Phoenix. She has worked with luxury properties in the U.S., India, Africa, Indonesia, Paris, London and Monte Carlo. A particular area of interest is health and wellness. She has studied the spa operations at many of the world's top spas.

Specialties: Content creation, media and influencer relations. She is also active in social media, tweeting @BabsSH and regularly writes about the pr/marketing industry for Hospitality Net.

Insights by Babs Harrison (76)

5 Steps on the Path to Reopening This Month

You can feel the energy. More of us are getting eager to travel and here's the deal: Smart money says much of the first round of travel will be local and primarily via car.Public transit (planes, trains, and subways) are a no go for many of the wary right now.

What is your take on the coronavirus and its impact on our industry?

It is easy to bemoan - too easy - the stark impacts that the coronavirus is having on travel, everything from flights to cruises, restaurants to weddings. Action is better than talk however, and there are two easy steps we all should be taking in this crisis:Travel.

Managing the Hotel Influencer... 2020 Style

Five years ago nobody in hospitality had heard of influencers and now in 2020, the first question that gets asked by many hotel and resort marketers is how do we work with influencers. And they add that this year they see a much greater share of their time and budget going into influencer marketing.

Cutting Through the PR Chaos (Beware the Shiny Objects)

Talking with fellow travel PR professionals and hospitality industry executives I am increasingly reminded of the scene in the Odyssey where the Sirens shout out temptations to Odysseus and his crew and it is only because he has plugged the ears of the crew and lashed himself to the mast to make himself resist the temptations of the Sirens that he is able to safely sail past them and to continue his journey.

Winning at Wellness in 2019: Five Rules for Succeeding

Wellness is the word in today's hospitality as experts throw around immense numbers - the market size is said to be over $4 trillion! - and so in 2019 there is a stampede into wellness that is unlike anything we have seen before.
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