Babs Harrison

Managing director of Phoenix based Babs Harrison and Partners

Babs  Harrison

Babs Harrison is managing director of Phoenix based Babs Harrison and Partners, a boutique public relations/marketing consultancy for select luxury resorts, hotels, and spas. Harrison has 25 years of experience in hospitality and has worked with leading brands in the US and internationally .

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Managing the Hotel Influencer... 2020 Style

Five years ago nobody in hospitality had heard of influencers and now in 2020, the first question that gets asked by many hotel and resort marketers is how do we work with influencers. And they add that this year they see a much greater share of their time and budget going into influencer marketing.

Cutting Through the PR Chaos (Beware the Shiny Objects)

Talking with fellow travel PR professionals and hospitality industry executives I am increasingly reminded of the scene in the Odyssey where the Sirens shout out temptations to Odysseus and his crew and it is only because he has plugged the ears of the crew and lashed himself to the mast to make himself resist the temptations of the Sirens that he is able to safely sail past them and to continue his journey.

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