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Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist, GuestRevu

Sarah CameSarah is a Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist at GuestRevu. She is dedicated to hospitality news and trends affecting hoteliers and their guests.

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Why you should never block a bad review (and what to do instead)

No one likes to get a bad review online. The sinking feeling when you see a one or two out of five rating and the harsh criticisms of unhappy guests erode at the heart of a good hotelier, and at the reputation of your business.

Are you keeping your guests' personal data safe? Interview with Alan D. Meneghetti

Modern technology allows businesses to easily collect, store and use vast amounts of personal data about their customers. In the hospitality industry, hotels can use this powerful data to enhance, streamline and personalise guest experiences.

Technology and the luxury guest experience: Interview with Arun Kumar

From his first role on the front lines of guest satisfaction as a room service waiter to management positions at four- and five-star InterContinental and Hilton properties, Arun Kumar's impressive hospitality career has taught him a thing or two about keeping guests satisfied.

Hotel valuations and online reputations: Interview with Nam Quach

Your online reputation won't only affect your bookings – but your hotel's value too. Nam Quach tells us how and provides some tips for hoteliers reading their hotel for a merger or acquisition.

What Hoteliers Need To Know About Personalisation Technology

In today's world of easily accessible big data, personalisation (admittedly in variably successful forms) is ubiquitous. People you have never had a conversation with in your life send you marketing emails addressed to you by name, and Facebook wishes you happy birthday, knows what news you will be interested in, and makes videos of you and your friends.
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