Stuart Dickinson

Freelance journalist, copywriter and media developer

Stuart Dickinson

Stuart is a freelance journalist, copywriter and media developer with over 10 years' experience in communications. His passion for travel and tourism has seen him work with high-profile clients like South African Tourism, Fodor's Travel Guides, City Sightseeing, The Grand Daddy Hotel, Collection McGrath, Kruger Lowveld Tourism and the Gauteng Tourism Authority.

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These days, anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and an opinion is a potential food critic, heaping kindness or criticism on your restaurant for the world to see.

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A chat what? While the term chatbot might still be a foreign term for some hotel owners, this technology is quickly gaining momentum in the hospitality and travel industries as more marketing experts begin to harness its potential.

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Your property management system (PMS) forms the administrative heart of your hotel, which means choosing the right one is essential. And even if you're comfortable with a platform you've been using for years, it's important to reflect on whether it is helping or hindering your hotel's growth when compared to better options on the market.

3 Innovative loyalty programs to be inspired by

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