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Martin Soler

Martin Soler is a former Hotel General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of multiple hotel technology companies. Currently, he is a Partner in Soler & Associates a marketing consulting firm for hotel technology companies and groups.

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SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

I think there are really two different segments. The enterprise companies will want a best-of-breed approach where they get to assemble their stack with highly specialized systems that are the best at what they do, software that can really perform well for specific tasks and which is robust enough to manage multiple properties, regional reporting and configuration etc.

Hotel Tech Evolution l HN World panel Live hosted by

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?Last year released an infographic that highlighted the last 100 years of hotel technology in our series "The History of Hotel & Travel Technology".

Technology in Hospitality, Evolution, Innovation and Guests.

In hospitality, technology is a complicated problem. For an industry that has historically excelled and set the bar for customer experience, buying technology solutions has not been on the top of the list.
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