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Martin Soler

With a background in marketing, Martin turned to the hotel industry, having become a GM for boutique hotels he then went on to become a founding staff and later VP Marketing of one of the leading hotel marketing agencies in Europe. He then joined the team of SnapShot as the CMO and helped define how hotel technology companies market themselves in the 21st century. Since then Martin has co-founded Soler & Associates to help hotel groups and hotel technology companies build and implement marketing strategies, a balancing act between creativity and efficiency.

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Does Google’s “Zero Click Search” Mark the End of Hotel Paid Search Marketing?

Nothing will mark the end of paid search marketing on Google, quite the contrary, they are doing everything to increase the ad-spend. It will change the way websites are indexed and I think it will affect hotel branding.

Overview of media in Hotel Marketing of 2019

The annual review of hotel marketing topics that got the most attention has finally completed. This edition is again upgraded from last year in terms of graphics which you can find here. The methodology is similar to last year in that it takes the top articles of Hotelmarketing, Phocuswire, and HospitalityNet and each headline is categorized in terms of main topics and brand representation.

Attribute Based Shopping - A blessing or a bane?

Where ABS could be a game changer is in search, recommendations and in pricing. Too many are focused at how this can be a method to sell ancillary revenue, like the airlines did. But the application in hotels could be totally different.

Is our industry lagging behind due to a lack of proper education?

Education always helps, but I think the problem lies a little deeper. Lack of imagination. Hotels are brick and mortar businesses that deal with people. Technology isn't exactly on the top of the list when it comes to making a great hotel and guest experience.

What happens when performance marketing caps?

Analyzing the digital marketing activities of hotels, Martin Soler of Soler & Associates concludes that 98% goes toward performance-type marketing that is designed to capture clicks and convert those clicks into on-the-books revenue.
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