Youri Sawerschel

Founder of Creative Supply & Brand Strategist

Youri Sawerschel

Youri Sawerschel is a Branding Expert and Founder of Creative Supply, a strategic branding agency based in Zurich. Solicited for his creative thinking skills, Youri has been involved with projects focused on creating, launching and managing brands in Europe, China and the Middle-East. He has worked with brands as diverse as Kempinski Hotels, UBS, EPFL and Mondelez. Youri is also the author of dozens of articles on the topics of brand strategy and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at ESSEC Business School in Paris and Geneva School of Business (HEG).

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5 Emerging Trends In For Hotel Concept Development

From a meditation app competing with a spa to a hotel encouraging its guests to save coral reefs, the hospitality industry has never been so vivacious. We've pinpointed five emerging trends that present both opportunities and threats for hotel concept development.

Guest experience: Towards authentic immersion

At the heart of every restaurant's potential for profit and success is the quality and consistency of their guest experience. A consistent, quality guest experience translates into loyal, returning customers and the best advertising of all, positive WOM.

Co-Living: Hotel Guest Community Integration

Co-living is a way to live and share an inhabitable space with other like-minded people. Co-living is fast gaining in popularity across the globe as the younger urban generation increasingly puts more value on flexibility and convenience.

Rethinking Hotel Distribution Channels

A hotel distribution strategy is a plan of action for selling rooms profitably through a variety of channels.

The 7 Components Of Designing A Hotel Concept

A Hotel Concept is designed around 7 components that cover all aspects of running it successfully: The Story, The People, The Space, The Identity, The Services, The Content, and The Channels. Starting from the central story, components are interconnected and work side by side to build a unique, coherent whole.
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