Creative Supply

Creative Supply Creative Supply is a Zurich-based company specialised in brand strategy. Blending creativity with business strategy, we help people and organisations transform their brand in order to reach their goals. Our consulting clients are diverse, hailing from hospitality to education or the industrial sector. So are the thousands of people who trust our academy to expand their knowledge – from mastering the art of storytelling to building their personal brand.

Are brands becoming relevant again?

— Youri Sawerschel

Traditionally hotel brands largest added value has been distribution. A hotel got branded and was quite rapidly connected to a massive flow of reservations, on all the channels that existed. It helped guests search, travel agents book and hotels get filled.


Creative Supply to continue collaboration with ESSEC and Elegancia Hotels

Creative Supply is moving into a second year of collaboration with ESSEC Business School and Elegancia Hotels, a Paris based hotel company. Part of the Strategic Branding module led by Visiting Professor Alex Gibson from DIT in Ireland, the collaboration aims to bring real-life learning experience to the students of MBA in International Hospitality and MBA Global Branding of ESSEC Business School.


Youri Sawerschel

Founder of Creative Supply & Brand Strategist