Frances Kiradjian

Founder & Chair of BLLA

Frances Kiradjian

Frances Kiradjian, with over 25 years in travel and hospitality, launched BLLA in 2009 to bring global attention to independent, upscale boutique hotels and brands. Her experience spans from hotel booking technology to third party travel programs to radical and advanced marketing strategies. Frances was an integral part of the groundbreaking systemic change of the way people traveled which led to the contemporary boutique movement.

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Four Compelling Reasons You Should Choose Boutique Hotels

Travel is fuel for our souls. It introduces us to completely different landscapes, cultures, cuisines, and experiences. Travel can help connect us to ourselves on a deeper, more intimate level. Even though the pandemic has limited travel, people want to get back out into the world.

The Boutique Hotel Crisis Guide to Travel

BLLA held a digital forum recently on the subject of The Boutique Hotel's Crisis Guide to Travel. Leaders in the Travel Industry discussed the current crisis of COVID-19 and how travel restrictions are currently affecting the industry as well as what the future might look like.

Being opportunistic without being a shark

Today's climate may present a new opportunity for the hospitality industry for those sitting with cash, or some form of available cash.

Dissecting the Relationship Between Universities and Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are "it". After a struggle to be taken seriously as a hospitality vertical, boutique hotels are ahead of every curve when it comes to modern day lodging. Now more than ever there is a steep demand for accommodations that one can take back home with them in the form of a story.

The Evolution of the Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobbies have evolved from portals where travelers are introduced to their lodging accommodations to places people gather to immerse themselves in culture and merriment. The evolution of the hotel lobby has been gradual, but the proliferation of lifestyle and boutique properties have shifted the design away from clinical hotel lobbies.
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