Juanjo Rodriguez

Founder, The Hotels Network

Juanjo  Rodriguez

Juanjo Rodriguez is a digital and marketing entrepreneur and the Founder of technology company The Hotels Network, working with hotels around the world to increase their direct booking conversion rates. Coupled with his experience as Founder over 15 years ago of Duplex, a popular marketing agency in Spain, Juanjo is a leading authority on strategic digital marketing campaigns. With a focus on educating hoteliers on the benefits of new technology such as predictive personalization, machine learning and more, Juanjo can be found imparting his wisdom as a regular speaker at hospitality events and educational organizations.

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Where does the PMS sit in the new technology stack?

The future is integrated, not stand-alone. The idea of "core system" is itself outdated. If anything, it's the opposite: core functions are commodities and the extra value is found in additional layers that provide more power to, or streamline, the different functions: sales, marketing, operations, etc.

SHIFT + DEL! Do we need a massive reset?

The idea of "one-stop-shop", a product that does everything, is a flawed one. It looks promising in theory but never works in practice, because no one can do everything well, and therefore companies specialize in specific areas, and clients eventually buy "best-in-class" from different providers.

Hotel Technology During Crises, Does it innovate?

Innovation should come from moving from a room-centered view to a guest-centered one. Look at the full guest journey, since the person starts thinking about traveling (and therefore much earlier than the check-in date).

Are there any quick-fix IT solutions for hotels in the post-COVID new normal?

IT solutions for the current situation can be split into two areas: in-property interactions and communication. First, in the hotel, there are straightforward steps like online check-in and check-out.

Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part II)

I don't believe in the one-stop-shop concept. It's a very attractive idea, conceptually, but consumers and companies just don't care. They have shown, over and over and in multiple industries, that bundling is not an attractive offer per se.
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