Eric Bracht

Managing Director, AVaStar

Eric Bracht

Eric Bracht is managing director of AVaStar, an event-technology SaaS designed to provide a comprehensive suite of services for self-managing a hotel owner’s AV technology investment. It’s an interconnective software that provides systems and templates covering the entire spectrum of activities associated with operating and managing presentation technology systems and services.

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You’ve Chosen to Self-Manage AV: Now What Happens If You Don’t Own ALL the Equipment Meeting Planners are Asking For?

You've got a newly built or recently remodeled hotel, and you've made the decision to self-manage the AV services process. Bill, your hotel's banquet manager, was chosen to be responsible for the hotel's built-in and portable AV equipment.

Without a How-To Book for AV Services, Who is Training Hotel Staff on Sales, Set Up and Preventive Maintenance?

You've recently opened your hotel or refurbished some of your spaces and took all the necessary steps to ensure that the AV systems were installed properly and working efficiently. This is great news, but .

There is No How-To Book for AV Services, But There is AVaStar

You're getting ready to open your hotel (or are just taking over at a property) and see that there are installed AV systems in your event spaces; there are projectors and screens and flat panel displays in various rooms and public areas.

How Hoteliers Can Be Responsible with the Owners’ AV Technology Investment

It's been a decade since the hospitality industry emerged from the depths of the economic recession. It took some time, but today hoteliers are experiencing a strong U.S. economy coupled with one of the lowest unemployment rates in history.