Ines Barreiros

Digital Marketing Manager at GuestCentric

Ines BarreirosInes Barreiros is a digital marketing manager at the GuestCentric Lab department, a service specialized in maximizing hotel’s online presence and direct revenue. Ines is a specialist in digital marketing and business intelligence and has over 8 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

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Hotel Bookings - What is the Guest's Decision-Making Process?

In today’s highly competitive online travel marketplace, it is vital that hotels understand who their consumers are and what their decision-making process entails when making hotel bookings.

Google Hotel Free Booking Links - OTA Independence Or Competition?

Google Hotel Free Booking Links – the biggest news for the industry by the search engine giant this year (so far). Right now you’re probably wondering: How is my hotel going to benefit from this prog.

Hotel Marketing - What Separates Winners from Losers?

In an economic recession, many Hoteliers may be hesitant to risk jeopardizing their revenue post-crisis by investing in marketing campaigns. If you are part of this crowd, we have one question: “Do y.

Social Media for Hotels - Is it Worth It?

We all know the social media hype and have read plenty of articles about how important it is. And the truth is that your hotel needs to be where your guests are right? But the question here is, at wh.

Will Hotel Direct Bookings Kill OTAs for Good?

Can anyone challenge the supremacy of the two major channels in the world, Booking and Expedia? Has the pandemic changed the channel mix for (most) hotels? Most importantly, will this be a permanent .
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