Jen Cialfi

CHDM, Account Manager at Vizergy

Jen Cialfi, CHDM

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If You’ve Got It, FLAUNT IT!

We often forget some of our favorite aspects of our vacations - the colorful food, the view from the pool, the calming ambiance of the spa. Those activities and moments during your stay are made possible by the amenities offered to you by the hotel.

Uniquely Yours: Personalized Offers for Your Guests

Often times we see specials and packages continually repeated while searching for a hotel. If you're getting tired of seeing the same promotions, so are your potential guests. So get creative with your offers and generate far more interest in your hotel - from both new and returning guests.

Target Your Local Drive Market

With restrictions slowly lifting, travelers are looking for easy ways to get a break from their "new normal". The focus now is staycations - where can locals go to take a break from everyday life? Industry experts are seeing that more people are driving to their destinations instead of flying.

COVID-19 Recovery Series: Digital Marketing Management for Restaurants

For restaurants, it is important to stay connected with customers both now and as you begin to reopen and adjust to the "new normal" after this COVID-19 pandemic. Your customers are as eager to get back in your restaurants as you are to start serving them again.