Suzanne Swafford

Associate Partner, Revenue Optimization at SSP

Suzanne Swafford

Suzanne Swafford is an Associate Partner of Revenue Management at Strategic Solution Partners. She is a leader with a reputation for creative collaboration within multiple departments, execution of the highest priorities of an organization where sales and revenue strategy is the focus for growth, expansion and ultimately the organization's financial health. As the former Senior Director of Revenue Management with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Swafford has worked with dozens of full-service properties, asset management companies and ownership groups - leading the openings of five newly built resorts, two full brand integrations, and over 30 brand conversions.

An understanding of not only analytics, but how to apply them to strategies and tactics to achieve desired results, Swafford’s portfolio boasted a 10-year average annual total revenue growth of 10%. By providing insightful strategy focused on revenue per unit (both used and unused), unit to space ratios for optimum performance, and ancillary revenue capture by ensuring each segment - distribution channels and ancillary revenue source are set to perform to the maximum potential. Swafford is thrilled to be a part of Strategic Solution Partners, continuing to capture unique opportunities and grow revenue streams while guaranteeing ongoing success for clients.

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The Yoga Of Change In Hotel Revenue Optimization

We have all been watching and waiting (however impatiently) for the trends to turn upward. Even though we are still experiencing softer booking trends, finally, STR data's moving average indicates that the weeks since January 23rd moved upwards and have leveled off since spring break has ended.

A Yogini’s Way To Approach A Hotel Distribution Audit

Oh, what excitement a new trend inspires! In yoga, the trends range on Yoga HiiT fusion, Broga, Arial Yoga. “Competitive yoga” is even a new phrase gaining surprising traction. WHAT? Yoga is inherently personal and decidedly non-competitive, as a moving meditation practice.

Moving From Revenue Management To Revenue Optimization

As the hospitality landscape continues to evolve and especially as we begin to see the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination and a return to normalcy, reliance on analytics and business intelligence is growing exponentially.

The Yoga Of Revenue Optimization & Marketing Collaboration

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root word yuj, and the most understood meaning of yoga is "union." To unite implies a foundation of not only a shared philosophy, but the creation of common goals and objectives known as collaboration.

A Yogini’s Take On Bravery In Revenue Optimization

Trying a new, seemingly complicated pose in a yoga practice is often terrifying. Fear of falling on our face in crow pose or perhaps just falling in front of other people oftentimes holds us back from reaching new goals.
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