Stacy Moore

Founder of ToolKit Consulting and partner at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants

Stacy MooreStacy has 40 years of experience in the foodservice industry as an owner/operator, franchisee, wholesale manufacturer, sales representative and consultant. With particular expertise in airports and other non-traditional locations, she brings an owner’s mindset and a team-based approach to her consulting practice. Stacy has worked with clients to launch and grow brands, analyze and improve operations, find new markets, and build strategic partnerships.

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Time To Evaluate Your Restaurant Takeout Revenue?

The idea of putting idle kitchens to better use is not a new one. People have been sharing their kitchens in off hours or for pop ups for years. What is new is looking at putting kitchens to alternative uses in both on and off hours to develop additional revenue streams.

Build A Great Team By Breaking A Mirror?

Think that breaking a mirror is bad luck? If you want to build a really strong team in your foodservice operation, you may find that this is exactly what will bring you that tiny bit of luck that will make all the difference.

What we can learn from our Restaurant Pandemic P&L

We are all trying to find silver linings from this now nearly year-long unimaginable situation that has somewhat stopped us in our tracks. We find comfort and sanity in things like spending more time with our families, picking up new or dormant hobbies, appreciating and improving our homes, keeping up with goings on around us, and so many others.