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Rayna KatzRayna is a Folio-award nominated, and detail-oriented veteran editor and writer specializing in travel, food, hospitality and more. Having also covered commercial real estate, she's able to make complex subjects understandable and even compelling. Grammar and punctuation mistakes don't get by her, and freelance writers she's managed have praised her ability to make them feel valued. In short, she's considered easy to work with and a talented journalist.

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It’s 2022, but the Same Problems Persist for Hotels

If you thought 2021 was topsy-turvy, wait until you see 2022. Though the calendar has changed, the world remains saddled with many of the same issues faced last year. And now, with the advent of the Omicron strain, which some experts predict will infect everyone, the scenario is becoming clearer by the day: things have a way to go before we are back to business as usual.

As the Delta Between Higher Hourly Wages and Lower Payroll Expense Closes, Attracting and Retaining Young Talent is Key

It turns out that the Golden Rule is a maxim hoteliers need to pay heed to when it comes to their own employees. It’s an axiom that is even more glaring as hourly wages in the leisure and hospitality space climb against a payroll cost base that remains lower but is showing signs of growth.

Supply Chain, Inflation Frustrate Hotel Recovery

The supply chain crunch and inflation are compounding what’s already a nettlesome recovery for hotel owners and operators.

Five Tips to Tackle Hotel Costs

Between the rising cost of labor, decreased demand and ever-changing COVID-19 protocols, hotels have taken numerous hits to profitability. Conditions likely are going to remain challenging for some time to come, but Chris Cylke, COO of asset manager RevPAR International, has a quintet of tips for hoteliers to manage costs more effectively.

Amid a Labor Crunch, One Hotel Tried Something Different

Opening a hotel amid even normal times is a challenge. But these times are anything but ordinary. For The Rockaway Beach Hotel, in Queens, NY, opening last fall was compounded by a raging global pandemic and a resultant labor crunch.
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