Fausto Marques

Team Leader of Customer Experience at Guestcentric


Fausto Marques joined Guestcentric in 2017 as an Onboarding Specialist. He has since progressed through the ranks from Key Account Manager, to Team Leader, and his current role as Manager of Guestcentric’s Customer Experience Team. Fausto is currently responsible for leading Guestcentric’s customer-facing teams of Account Managers, Customer Support Agents, and Onboarding Specialists who focus on helping customers accelerate full product deployment and utilization, earn and sustain customer loyalty, nurture referrals, identify new business opportunities, source customer insight, and distribute knowledge. Fausto is passionate about delivering and maintaining the highest standards of support to independent and boutique hotels worldwide as they grow their businesses. As such, he has played a crucial role in helping to establish processes to both continuously gather customer feedback and improve Guestcentric’s response time and overall customer service as a result. Under his leadership, Guestcentric’s Customer Experience Team now boasts an average case resolution time of under 24 hours, a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and 95% of customers who would recommend Guestcentric’s customer service to their peers. Fausto has also been instrumental in helping hotel chains undergo CRS migration, and currently manages a large Danish Hotel Chain account. Fausto’s earliest career roots are based firmly in the lodging and hospitality industry. Prior to joining Guestcentric, Fausto worked as a Front-Office Agent and Revenue/e-Commerce Coordinator at the Onyria Golf & Resorts Collection. Fausto also achieved his masters in Hotel Management from the Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies in 2016. Fausto is a family man whose life revolves around his wife and young daughter. His other hobbies include surfing, watching football, and hanging out with good friends.

104 West 40th Street
Suite 400
New York, 10018
United States
Phone: 1 (858) 900 2400


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