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WIT Hospitality

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Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR)

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WIT Hospitality

In its 13th year, WIT kicks off a new cycle in 2018, to build the road to Better Travel.

And there’s no better way to start than with our first event of the year with a focus on Better Hospitality – for there is no other sector that’s more integral to the making of Better Travel.

It is where travellers spend most of their time in their home away from home. It’s where they feel safe, comfortable and cared for, it’s from here they experience the places they are in and it’s where they spend most of their time while on the road.

Better Hospitality means making accommodation choices discoverable and accessible to customers, whichever channel they are using; it means offering the right customer with the right product at the right price; it means creating experiences that are friction-free and memorable; and it means using the right technology to enable all that to happen.

It means getting all those who offer hospitality – be it traditional, alternative or private; chain or independent – on the same page to fulfil the bigger purpose of Better Travel.

For in a divided world, one thing remains constant – travel is the unifier of humanity. Powered by smart technology, it wields great power to restore balance to a divided world.

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