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HSMAI Expert-led virtual classroom series: Hotel Digital Sales Essentials


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The course uses a blend of brief and targeted learning activities with a weekly facilitated workshop (via Zoom), segmented by topic area.

Specifically, the five-week course will cover these digital sales approaches:

  • Identifying changing customer behaviors and the value of buyer persona development
  • Creating awareness through social networks (primarily LinkedIn)
  • Persuasive business writing through prospecting emails, shared content, social posts and lead nurturing
  • Better digital communication through storytelling and video
  • Building a better business case through engaging proposals

While of particular interest to any hotelier with sales-related responsibilities, it is primarily designed for:

  • Property level sales managers, catering sales managers and DOSMs
  • Regional or corporate sales professionals
  • Both branded and independent sellers will learn new strategies and tools

The format of this course is also ideal for those who support sales or who simply want to gain some modern, practical digital selling skills such as:

  • Marketers or eCommerce professionals
  • Revenue Managers
  • General Managers
  • Sales managers for industry partners, CVBs, or event sellers

HSMAI Expert-led virtual classroom series: Hotel Digital Sales Essentials is organized by HSMAI

Jason Smith
VP communications
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