No one wants to find a dirty rag in their sink when checking into a hotel room. But during the coronavirus pandemic - when guests expect their rooms to be spotless and free of germs - finding a room that hasn't been fully sanitized is even more concerning.

"No way was this room sanitized, much less 'cleaned' properly," Danielle Bocage wrote in a Facebook post criticizing her recent stay at a Hilton hotel in Georgia. "I am completely disappointed at the lack of attention my room had."

"The guest brought concerns about her room to the property's attention on the second day of her stay, and we understand received a personal apology, an offer to move rooms and an offer to service the room," Hilton spokesperson Nigel Glennie told USA TODAY. "The guest declined these offers but did accept a refund for one her three nights."

Social media has featured a mix of complaints and praise for hospitality companies when it comes to COVID-19 cleanliness measures. The industry has committed to everything from mandatory masks to social distancing to intense levels of cleanliness.

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