ATLANTA / Jan. 31, 2000--It was truly a LastMinute minute in the Super Bowl last night and one of the off-field winners of the pins-and-needles climax was 's commercial-- the last of the game following on the heels of the exciting final play drama. The risky-media-buy panned out big for the first nationally broadcast commercial for the Atlanta-based business that sells travel to last-minute buyers. The audience had been held in thrall for the game's final second and the eyeballs were still glued to the tube when ad agency Burkhardt & Hillman's highly praised e-cowboy spot aired.

Said CEO David Miranda, "Truly great things can happen at the last minute as this game proved. Our gamble paid off, as the ad ran, we started to getting 5000 people per second coming to our site; 300,000 people per minute. The only sites that do this kind of volume are Yahoo and AOL." He noted that this response exceeded that of last year's commercial hits for and .

"Thanks to our planning and preparation we were able to deal with this volume of traffic and more," commented the ebullient CEO.

"It was a high-stakes gamble to book our spot in the last minutes of the game but it actually made sense for the branding of our client, well as for the comedy in the commercial, said Burkhardt & Hillman creative director/partner Ron Burkhardt.

Added's CEO and founder, David Miranda: "It's only appropriate that our national broadcast campaign debuted during the last-minute of Super Bowl XXXIV. The placement of our advertisement, along with the stellar creative that went into it, reinforces our marketing message that in today's world, last-minute means excitement, adventure and the way to go."

The :30 second spot is a showdown of the Sergio Leone spaghetti western variety with's eCowboys. Reinforcing's message that great things happen at the last-minute - the eCowboys find themselves spontaneously departing on a cyber-booked vacation, to escape at the last-minute as a tornado approaches.

The eCowboy's are the brainchild of the New York-based creative think-tank, Burkhardt & Hillman. Ron Burkhardt, Partner and Creative Director, brought together a legendary and exclusive production team for this campaign. "The notion of eCowboys was so compelling we were able to attract the industry's finest and most sought after production talent," said Burkhardt. "We're excited to have Dick Buckley of Flying Tiger Film as our director and Alex Seiden of [email protected] Perfect N.Y. as the visual effects director. This is the first time these two masters in their fields have worked together and we think the results are spectacular."

Buckley is the Cannes Gold Lion award-winning director for Tabasco's 'Mosquito' campaign. Seiden, who prior to joining [email protected] Post Perfect, was the Director and Visual Effects Supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic. Seiden has worked on Academy Award-winning films including Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Dragonheart, Terminator 2 and Judgment Day. is the Atlanta-based global Internet Company that provides an unparalleled resource for people looking for travel and entertainment opportunities with little or no advance notice. is the most fluid travel site on the Internet with more than 100,000 daily offers and more being added each day. The site's offerings are constantly renewed as providers find themselves with last-minute availability. Because of this real--time inventory, is being recognized by consumers as the first place to go when 'stuff happens' and travel plans have to be made at the last-minute.

Consumers conveniently shop from the consistently updated listings at and when ready to book, they are connected directly with their specific request on the provider's website. Unlike many other travel sites today, charges no commission or transaction fees, saving both consumers and travel providers money.

In addition, offers the services of My Travel Minder(TM), a free e-mail alert that automatically notifies customers when their requested travel and entertainment options become available. My Travel Minder continues to work as a personal travel planner – even when the customer is not logged- on the site.

With more than 50 global travel and leisure providers, offers access to12 of the world's largest airlines including American Airlines, Northwest Airlines and US Airways, as well as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt International, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Swissotel, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Avis, and many others.

According to industry research the on-line travel industry will soon lead all web businesses in dollar volume, with a forecast of more than $12 billion by 2002, and $29 billion by 2003.

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Gayle MacIntyre
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