The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, part of Dubai-based luxury hospitality group Jumeirah International, recently recognised top students for their performance during a ceremony held at The Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The ‘Dean’s List’ is one of many ways the faculty of The Emirates Academy acknowledges the outstanding academic performance of its top students. Students selected for the ‘Dean’s List’ have shown achievement across courses and attained an exceptional Grade Point Average (GPA); with a threshold of 3.33.

In previous years, The Emirates Academy has acknowledged the top three students upon the completion of their first year, however, with the current four intakes of students enrolled in the various degree programmes at The Academy it was decided to formally introduce the annual Dean’s List, providing the faculty with an opportunity to recognise outstanding academic performance of the students throughout their entire degree programme.

Current degree programmes on offer at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management are a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Hons Degree in International Hospitality Management, a Bachelor of Arts (Ba) Hons Degree in International Tourism Management, an Associate Degree in International Hospitality Operations and an Associate Degree in Business & Tourism.

The top three students in the class of 2003 are Torunn Tronsvang and Flavia Forster from Norway and Katinka Reichelt from Germany. In addition, 16 students from across the various academic programmes were recognised at this year’s inaugural Dean’s List ceremony from across the various academic programmes. Guy Crawford, Chief Operating Officer for Jumeirah International was present at the ceremony to award the prizes to the students, which were sponsored by Microsoft, HP and Jumeirah International.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is the first institution in the Middle East to offer world-class degrees I hospitality, travel and tourism management. The Academy is an integral part of Jumeirah International, a leading hotel and hospitality management company that operates Burj Al Arab, The Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Emirates Towers Hotel. The backing of this prestigious group ensures that students get valuable exposure and also have the opportunity to work in our world-class hotels throughout their degree.