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Supplier News28 March 2011

The Village at Lyons Checks In for Growth with SoftBrands

Luxury Destination to Maximise Occupancy and Profitability of €2,500,000 Property Investment

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SoftBrands Hospitality Inc.

SoftBrands, an affiliate of Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving over 70,000 customers, today announced that luxury hotel estate The Village at Lyons has deployed SoftBrands Medallion Property Management System (PMS). Following a property investment of €2,500,000 which included the addition of 14 new rooms, Medallion will help optimise growth by delivering efficiency gains including automated, integrated front office, inventory, housekeeping and billing processes. The new PMS will also improve decision-making by delivering a comprehensive, integrated set of guest, food and beverage, and room revenue reports to the finance department.


News points

  • The Village at Lyons located in County Kildare, Ireland, has invested in SoftBrands Medallion following a €2,500,000 investment in the property, and the addition of 14 suites to the existing Shackleton House residence.
  • Medallion will help maximise the potential of this growth by realising efficiency gains as the property evolves from a food and beverage basis to include expanded luxury accommodation.
  • Following a comprehensive analysis of the marketplace, Medallion was chosen on the basis of usability and a competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Medallion will maximise operational effectiveness by delivering integrated information and automated workflows to various departments throughout the property. It will also provide valuable guest data to increase revenue by improving customer service and the relevance of marketing communication.
  • The new PMS will help improve the reports within the finance function, delivering comprehensive figures for accountancy purposes and better insight into successful revenue generation. Medallion is also set to help achieve maximum revenue and room rates by integrating with third party websites and online booking platforms.
  • The Village at Lyons is set to benchmark Medallion's performance and assess its contribution at six-month intervals.

What The Village at Lyons Says

"As we are a small, intimate hotel, SoftBrands Medallion is set to cover all of our operational and financial requirements, from booking to billing," commented Michael Martin, managing director and partner, The Village at Lyons. "We could have carried on with paper based processes prior to our recent expansion but having added 14 new suites we realised we needed a comprehensive property management system. The efficiency gains and improvements to customer service that Medallion will deliver made a compelling business case."

What SoftBrands Says

"In such a competitive marketplace, improving operational effectiveness, delivering a better customer experience and boosting profitability all follow from intelligent, integrated processes," said Tracy Flynn, VP & General Manager, Hospitality Solutions, SoftBrands, an Infor affiliate. "For smaller properties especially, the tighter these processes are, from booking and front of house to housekeeping and revenue management, the better the hotel can compete against larger brands."

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