Bed bug infestations are becoming a national epidemic, racking up expenses and devastating profits. According to the National Pest Management Association, 95% of U.S.-based pest management companies have seen an increase in bed bug calls in the past year (from 1-2 per week to 1-2 per day).

For years lodging facilities have faced this exposure alone and uncovered.

On June 01, 2011, PLIS, Inc. introduced the first business interruption and extra expense coverage for bed bug infestations for lodging facilities. Coverage Responds To:

  1. Confirmed bed bug infestations* in lodging rooms
  2. Impact from publicity of a confirmed bed bug infestation at the Affected Covered Location
  3. Extortion Threats

*Coverage applies to infestations of cimex lectularius and cimex hemipterus

Coverage Provides:

  • Business Interruption - Loss of Lodging Revenue
  • Rehabilitation Expenses (Extra Expenses):
    • Cost of marketing efforts
    • Overtime of regular staff
    • Other mitigation related expenses
  • Decontamination expenses for affected lodging room
  • Decontamination expenses for lodging rooms immediately adjacent to affected lodging room
  • Costs of cleaning, decontaminating or exterminating affected customer's homes
  • First aid administered to customers onsite
  • Extortion Threat Payments
  • Expert & Immediate Crisis Management Assistance

Additional Program Features:

  • NO DEDUCTIBLE applies to Loss of Lodging Revenue
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE applies to Rehabilitation Expenses
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE applies to Crisis Management Expenses
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE applies to Extortion Threat Payments
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE / CO-INSURANCE applies to the first $5,000 of Decontamination Expenses (10% co-insurance applies after first $5,000 paid per period of insurance)
  • NO waiting period / NO loss threshold required to trigger coverage
  • Up to 6 months period of restoration / rehabilitation available
  • Broad range of limits available

Expert & Immediate Crisis Management

  • Proactive, well coordinated and cohesive operating team with solutions specific to client's needs
  • 24/7 Crisis Management Assistance
  • The longest running crisis response center with certified staff (HACCP, ARM, CRM, PHR, SPHR) and expertise in:
    • Public health laws, HIPAA privacy laws and the mechanics of Public Health Response systems including local and state Health Departments and the CDC. SRM has the ability to translate technical concepts into actionable crisis management response activities
    • Structuring responses for the business interruption of a negative media event while being sensitive to associated issues regardless of the fact that it is not a liability policy. SRM can help improve the outcomes in related areas of:
      • Liability exposure
      • Director and Officer issues
      • Employment Practice Liability issues
      • Sarbanes Oxley requirements
  • Ability to harness the above knowledge to help anticipate, prepare, and respond to an evolving and associated media event including reducing and rebuilding community relationships.

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This is not a liability policy. All terms, conditions, limits and coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted. This flyer does not amend, extend or alter any coverage afforded by any policy. Not intended to be a representation of coverage or a guarantee of a quote or indication. See policy wording for details.

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Crystal Jacobs
Product Specialist

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