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Minneapolis -- In 2007, technology experts who love to travel founded Runtriz to provide hotels a better way to connect with guests to alleviate their greatest pain point… waiting on hold or in line for "great" customer service. Months later Runtriz' founders launched the world's first iPhone hotel at the Malibu Beach Inn along the Pacific Ocean in California (Google it!) to solve this problem…and many others.

Fast forward almost 7 years, and over this time Runtriz has collaborated with many of the industry's leading brands and independent hotels globally – from Las Vegas to Brunei – pushing the envelope to create the most innovative mobile platform that enables hotels to engage guests in previously unreachable and unthinkable ways.

Hotels using the Runtriz Platform can engage guests throughout their travel experience, 24/7, on demand. As a result, hotels are able to better understand and serve their guests, as well as generate greater revenue by more effectively promoting rooms, services & amenities.

Runtriz' Latest Innovations

Mobile Check-Ins – With Runtriz, hotels receive the benefits of customization and an enterprise platform all in one cloud-based solution. Mobile Check-Ins demonstrates how the Runtriz Platform conforms to hotels' operations, not the other way around. At the Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas, for example, guests can check-in using the Runtriz Platform while en route to the hotel and your personal valet will await you curbside with your room key upon arrival. At Radisson Hotels, guests using the Runtriz Platform can bypass the front desk and obtain their key from a lobby kiosk.

Meetings, Events & VIPs – Runtriz' enhanced Meeting & Events module offers hotels and meeting planners the opportunity to provide any event, group or VIP a personalized mobile experience within your App that is only available to them. Create special menus, agendas, presentations, invitations, offers, announcements, calendars, networking and more! Staff can even send your meeting & event guests messages only they can see.

Poolside Mobile Ordering - Are your guests waiting 30 minutes for their mojitos and cheeseburgers around your pool? Are you losing F&B revenues because of service bottlenecks or limited staff? Runtriz' Poolside Mobile Ordering Solution leverages its award-winning technology that processes millions of F&B orders monthly for casino brands like Caesars, Harrah's, and Horseshoe. Runtriz has released its hotel pool application to optimize the productivity of F&B workflows. The solution enables fast, consistent service that generates significant, incremental revenues. Hotels such as the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman and Hyatt Regency Newport Beach are early adopters of this breakthrough technology solution.

Dynamic Indoor Mapping - Runtriz now offers hotels a dynamic indoor mapping solution that enables indoor location-based services. Particularly in many of the larger properties we support, one of the biggest problems to solve is guests getting lost on property. Runtriz' indoor mapping solution offers routing from point to point within the indoor map, and even appropriate level to level navigation via the proper structure (such as escalators, stairs, etc).

Micro-Targeting Push Marketing - Using Runtriz' robust analytics and rules-based push notification platform, hotels can now setup campaigns with various business rules to push deals, offers and invitations based on important guest metrics such as guest vicinity to the hotel and loyalty program tier.

VOIP Intelligent Communications - Runtriz' clients have increasingly global needs as more of their guests are international travelers or because their hotels are located outside the United States. Runtriz' VOIP-based Intelligent Communications solution makes it easier and less expensive for guests to place calls while traveling – whether to your hotel, to local merchants, or back home to family & friends.

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About Runtriz

In 2007, technology experts who loved to travel founded Runtriz to provide hotels and casinos a better way to engage their guests in previously unreachable and unthinkable ways. Runtriz launched the world's first iPhone hotel (Google it!) in Malibu, California, and since then has developed mobile solutions and apps in partnership with the industry's leading hotel and casino brands and independent hotels.