With AirPortal 360 Mobile, the first comprehensive mobile app designed for corporate travel managers, you can now manage your company's travel program from the palm of your hand--wherever, whenever. — Source: Christopherson Business Travel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Christopherson Business Travel, the leading business travel management company in the western United States, is set to launch AirPortal 360™ Mobile, the first comprehensive mobile app that provides corporate travel managers the ability to manage their company's travel program from the palm of their hand—wherever, whenever.

As the mobile version of Christopherson's intelligent travel manager dashboard, AirPortal 360 Mobile delivers a collection of tools that allow travel managers to maintain and manage their duty of care responsibilities, ensure better policy compliance, keep track of travelers and their itineraries, and more.

"We have noticed that while mobile technology innovation has progressed rapidly for travelers, there has not been much innovation when it comes to mobile technology for travelmanagers," said Christopherson's CEO Mike Cameron. "The mobile apps that do exist only provide a third-party software developer's niche service and until now, there have been no comprehensive mobile apps to help travel managers oversee their entire travel program. AirPortal 360 Mobile is the solution to that void."

Within AirPortal 360 Mobile, the following tools and options are currently available:


A comprehensive map allows travel managers to see who is traveling, where, and when. They can also access global security, weather, or disaster notifications, and immediately alert travelers, either individually or as a group within a certain geographic radius, directly from the app.


All itineraries for all travelers—past, present, and future—are accessible via AirPortal 360 Mobile. Travel managers can quickly search itineraries to locate travelers, monitor travel plans, and keep track of preferred itineraries.


Travel managers can now access traveler profiles from their phone, edit individual profiles, deactivate users, reset passwords, or send a welcome email. The app also allows users to easily enroll new travelers.


AirPortal 360 Mobile provides a summary view of the company's travel policy and access to preferred vendor contracts in order to check rates and ensure compliance.


All business travel management contacts are available within AirPortal 360 Mobile. Users can quickly call or email their Christopherson Account Manager, travel agent, back up agent, online support personnel, and emergency after-hours operators.

The app, which was designed and built in-house, is first available to iPhone users, and will be unveiled at the Global Business Travel Association's 2013 convention, in San Diego, California August 4-7. The Android version will be released in September 2013.

About Christopherson Business Travel

Christopherson Business Travel is a travel management company specializing in travel technology and consultative account management. As an industry innovator, Christopherson developed the first comprehensive mobile app for travel managers, AirPortal 360™ Mobile, and continues to deliver meaningful digital solutions to clients via its robust software platform, AirPortal®. Ranked as the 12th largest business travel agency in the U.S. by Business Travel News, Christopherson operates from five full-service locations and has booked more than $600 million in travel in 2016 for more than 900 companies and organizations across the country. For more information, visit www.CBTravel.com. You can also follow Christopherson on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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