August 20, 2013 – From the very start Newmarket®International, Inc. ("Newmarket") has been uniquely focused on using technology innovations to improve the success of customers in hospitality.

From our 1985 market making early release based on MS-DOS to our early adoption in 1996 of graphical user interfaces and Microsoft Windows our customers have always counted on Newmarket to be ready with industry relevant solutions built to take advantage of new systems and devices.

The move to the Cloud by Newmarket over the years has provided us the privilege to offer our clients new and more complete services. Based on enterprise class Microsoft solutions including .Net and Microsoft SQL Server our clients have experienced tremendous advantages in system performance and availability.

Today, we are honored that so many great customers have selected Newmarket as their proven business solution. To continue to earn the trust of this business relationship Newmarket constantly enhances our data centers and invests heavily in Delphi solution development related to identified and pervasive opportunities. As a result, nearly 60,000 users at more than 6,500 hotel, gaming, restaurant, stadium, banquet and event venues worldwide rely on Delphi from Newmarket for their sales and catering automation needs.

Building on this global success, earlier this year Newmarket announced the availability of the latest versions of Delphi, Delphi 2013 and Delphi+. Delphi 2013 is targeted for hospitality organizations that want to implement or upgrade to the latest features of Delphi. Organizations can then take advantage of new mobile integration features including N2GO for sales management, and HotSOS for event service optimization. Delphi+ includes many of the benefits of Delphi 2013 while adding significantly enhanced catering and workflow functionality with advanced reporting to improve employee productivity. Both editions are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft SQL 2012.

N2GO is an easy-to-use mobile app that provides access to Delphi features and functionality such as account and contact lookup as well as activity creation. While touring a venue with a prospective client, a sales manager can instantly access Delphi from their iPhone or iPad, confirming availability and ensuring a competitor of the client isn't meeting across the hall. This enables a sales manager to provide instant information, and help close business faster. With N2GO, it's click, click, done.

HotSOS for Delphi provides banquet and catering staff with up-to-date event information they need to direct their daily work activities via mobile devices. The event management capabilities of the solution ensure that event execution is completed without issue. If a question arises during an event, a banquet captain can open HotSOS for Delphi on their mobile device, and retrieve related information. They can easily assign the task to a team member, and check on its status while on the go. When the assigned team member finishes the task, he or she can indicate it is complete and view their next assignment. This allows the banquet captain to address potential problem areas before they impact a meeting or event, and enables all team members to have the most up to date information possible. This eliminates the need for the Catering Director to walk late Event Order changes. HotSOS for Delphi keeps teams moving.

To meet today's business challenges and enhance productivity in the sales and catering organization, Newmarket provides purpose built solutions to complement Delphi including:

  • Connex, to provide integration to third party property management systems, event management systems, database management systems, revenue management systems, hotel reservation management systems, and energy management systems.
  • eProposal, to create positive first impressions that help win business. It enables sales representatives to respond quickly and easily to inquiries and RFPs with an easy-to-navigate electronic brochure that provides exquisite graphics, rich content, and multimedia options.
  • MeetingBroker, the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) group lead distribution and management platform. It enables venues of any size and complexity to capture and win new business from multiple channels, including above property sales, sister properties, and public online lead channels. MeetingBroker eliminates sales bottlenecks, prioritizes responses to preferred accounts, and optimizes customer communications, resulting in increased bookings and revenue while delivering exceptional service.
  • MeetingMatrix, the most advanced room diagramming solution available today for both venues and planners, takes "Show and Tell" to a virtual level. The result of this solution is improved communications, elimination of guesswork, and guaranteed professional event execution.
  • PremiumView, the only Delphi-integrated competitive meeting intelligence solution serving global hospitality. It helps sales departments find qualified accounts, win market share, and increase group and catering revenues.

What does the future hold? As the story of Newmarket shows, whatever new technology or business challenge is presented Newmarket will deliver the enhancements to keep sales and catering organizations productive.

Want to hear from Newmarket customers already leveraging the power of these features and functionality? Newmarket is presenting a complimentary live webinar on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 2:00pm EDT. Come explore how to enhance your sales and catering organization with Delphi and mobile technology. Learn how to enable sales managers to work more effectively, quickly, and professionally to exceed the expectations of prospective customers. Consider these areas:

  • Has your sales team requested improved access to Delphi information?
  • When touring the property with a planner would your team benefit from the ability to immediately check function room availability?
  • Can you provide the peace of mind immediately to a planner when you confirm that they will not be meeting at the property at the same time as a competitor?

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