Oklahoma City, OK – Mobile phone real estate... is your mobile app worthy of the space? "I see a lot of booking apps - but usefulness drops off after that. And once usefulness drops off so does the app from my phone - and any meaningful connection with me through the mobile channel." says Ken Marold, Monscierge Chief Innovations Officer speaking earlier this year during a 2014 HTE (Hospitality Technology Europe) forum, Maximizing Your Mobile App Power.

In a competitive space where there's an app for everything, having the best technology on the market doesn't equate to user downloads. Hospitality software company Monscierge consults on guest and staff adoption as part of their product solutions:

1. KEY CARDS & SLEEVES. Unlocking App Downloads... Your hotel staff is already tasked with speaking to guests about promotions, giving reminders and general need-to-know information. Make promoting your app easier than memorizing a script by adding download short codes or information to your keycard packaging. Your app doesn't need to be one more amenity your staff needs to manage, rather, it should lighten the load.

2. PROMOTE DOWNLOAD OFFERS. Create an incentive... Nylo Hotels offers a 10% discount for booking reservations through their mobile app. Using this promotion with social networking, highlighting the promo on your website or even SMS message the offer with a with a download link.

3. SMS MESSAGING. Your Mobile Links ... Recent studies show that people use smartphones more for texting than any other function phones provide. Do not overlook this basic method of getting your app on a guests phone by promoting deals, offering directions, and giving your app download links the day of arrival.

Monscierge has created a guest and hotel staff mobile technology adoption program that addresses each phase of the guest's journey individually to maximize the hotel to guest relationship, and increase the effectiveness of your investment. With technology available in 16 different languages and already existing in 80 countries, the mobile app adoption program is applicable to global cultures and standards of technology and marketing habits.

To continue the conversation, see us at HITEC 2014 in booth #1061 and the SDD booth #1013. For more information on Monscierge products and services or to talk about methods for increasing your existing mobile app downloads and usage, contact Monscierge at [email protected] or www.monscierge.com.


Monscierge is a global software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. The Monscierge product line, Monscierge Connect, enhances communication between a hotel's guest and staff through mobile, tablet, large-format touch-screen devices, and a central web-based platform that manages property content. With installations in almost 80 countries and multilingual capabilities, Monscierge is dedicated to improving guest experiences and hotel staff efficiency throughout all hospitality service tiers.

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