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Supplier News10 February 2015

Mobile Simple Minibar App is Revolutionary 'Try It FREE for 30 Days . . . Then Adopt It'

The ABreez cloud-based mobile minibar management app from Mobile Simple can be set up, running and in your hands within 24 hours . . . NO cost, NO commitment required, FULL solution

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Mobile Simple

Instead of wishing that you could send your labor-intensive, inventory-challenged, paper-laden minibar operation into orbit, consider placing it in the cloud instead -- FREE. Mobile Simple, a company providing operational solutions for the hospitality industry, has developed a cloud-based mobile app to manage minibar and in-room amenities operations for hotel guestrooms. The solution is so revolutionary, that Mobile Simple is offering a FREE 30-day trial of the solution to F&B Directors, Housekeeping Managers, In-room Service Managers, IT Managers, Procurement Officers, Room Attendants and even Front Desk Staff who wish to evaluate its benefits without any compromise. The solution is ABreez (pronounced a breeze). Try it by clicking HERE. Then adopt it.


"For most F&B Managers, in-room amenities – from the minibar to bottled water – is a headache to manage," said Christelle Pigeat, Mobile Simple CEO. "It requires a duplication of effort for charge postings, it does not allow for charge adjustments or optimizing refill workflow, nor does it facilitate dynamic room status listings. Trying to determine an item's sale performance is difficult, tracking expiration dates of products is complex, and offering updates is challenging. Then there the issue of PAPER!

"The days of manual minibar management are gone forever," Pigeat said. "ABreez manages ALL in-room operations, from minibars and snack trays to bottled water, branded gifts and other amenities. It's a mobile app which communicates via the cloud with the ABreez Management System and posts charges on the guest's folio. There's no hardware to buy and nothing to display in the guestroom – other than your existing refrigerator, legacy minibar, snack tray, or amenities drawer. Getting started is so simple that F&B managers can be up and running within 24 hours."

40 Reasons to Join the ABreez FREE Trial – To get started click

The benefits of ABreez by Mobile Simple are far reaching and impact not just departmental staff, but hotel guests as well. Here are 40 key reasons why hoteliers should engage with the ABreez FREE trial TODAY:

  1. It's NO cost with NO commitment
  2. ABreez was recognized as one of the "Best Technology Innovations" of 2014 by Equip'Hotel Paris
  3. ABreez is cloud based: No need to buy, build, and maintain an IT infrastructure
  4. ABreez can be deployed immediately (within 24 hours)
  5. ABreez is a native mobile app: No worry about Internet speed, connections or coverage
  6. ABreez is multi-lingual
  7. ABreez delivers the best ROI in the minibar world
  8. ABreez interfaces to all major PMSs: directly post charges to the PMS in real time
  9. Costs are predictable; Set fees per room per month are established in advance
  10. Online training sessions drive rapid adoption and high ROI
  11. Multi-property handling is easy: Full visibility in real time of the entire enterprise
  12. Real time automatic upgrades are free
  13. Individual user rights
  14. Highly secured environment
  15. ABreez reduces guest complaints by reducing risk of billing errors
  16. Achieve more control of guests' actual consumptions, thereby reducing overbilling complaints
  17. Monitor in-room product shelf life to prevent expired products
  18. Identify high/low rotation products to improve in-room product offering
  19. Changing a product offering is easy
  20. Facilitate special requests to ensure guests get what they want, when they want it
  21. Improve the level of service by changing room status
  22. Facilitate room-move handling
  23. Service requests are sent via mobile device to the relevant department, such as maintenance, housekeeping, concierge etc.
  24. Unlimited users based on credentials
  25. Back-office access is online
  26. Comprehensive dashboard with real time information such as number of departures, room status, and charged products
  27. Receive consolidated detailed financial and operational reports that can be easily accessed by any department with adequate credentials
  28. Optimize the back-charge process by providing a more efficient way to bill the guest post departure
  29. All reporting is accessed through your account online
  30. Automatic email reporting
  31. In-room inventory monitoring of all hotel rooms
  32. Out-of room inventory alerts are sent whenever product inventory is below PAR level
  33. If loss of connectivity, the room attendant can continue working. Data synchronizes automatically when power resumes.
  34. View guest folio details and history
  35. Runs on WiFi, 3G/4G and offline
  36. No more re-keying of charges into PMS
  37. No more printing of refill reports
  38. Interfaces are available to job dispatch, inventory management and energy-management systems on request
  39. Instant messaging tool to individual or group of staff members
  40. Room attendant can send an alert if in a distressed situation.

"We strongly believe that mobile technology is revolutionizing the way hoteliers are doing business," Pigeat said. "By developing a complete solution at the fingertips of hotel employees, we are enabling hoteliers to work more efficiently while exceeding the level of service provided to hotel guests. We believe that once F&B Managers experience the solution and see a live demo, they will understand the immediate value that ABreez delivers, from departure data and real time room status to operational and financial reports, inventory updates and more."

Click to view the ABreez VIDEO.

Hoteliers wishing to streamline their minibar and in-room amenities operations, improve guest satisfaction and increase revenues should give Mobile Simple a call today. The company's FREE 30-day trial will give hoteliers the ability to evaluate its benefits by themselves without any compromise. Call us now on +1 800 467 5892 and schedule your live demo.

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With a global presence, Mobile Simple provides

operational solutions for the hospitality industry specifically to streamline minibar and in-room amenities operations in hotel guestrooms. ABreez is a game changer for the food and beverage department. ABreez enables our customers to capture more revenue, increase guest satisfaction and improve staff productivity. For more information, call 1 800-467-5892 (North America) or international +1 (702) 527-9494.
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