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Supplier News24 March 2015

Got Phones? Adding a Mobile Device Charger to Nearly Any Brand Has Never Been Easier!

Bittel has designed a small, affordable mobile device charging attachment that doesn't add clutter or detract from the design integrity of the room

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Great news! Adding mobile device charging to nearly any phone has never been easier. Bittel's new Classic Charger easily attaches to most existing guestroom phones and instantly provides travelers with two high powered USB ports for charging mobile devices. Bittel's popular Multi-Charging Cable can also be added as an optional feature. The MCC includes four connectors for Apple traditional (iPhone 4s and older), Apple Lightning (iPhone 6 and 5 plus new iPad), and two Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows) charging. The Classic Charger is compatible with nearly all guestroom phones; no lamps, outlets, or furniture mods are required.

"Hoteliers are being inundated with a variety of devices to help guests charge their mobile devices," said Mitch Heinlein, Bittel VP of Sales and Marketing. "The problem with some of these solutions is that they add even more clutter to the guestroom. Whether its a charging port for the desktop, a wall-mount hub, or standalone power hub, each is adding equipment to the furniture footprint or detracting from guestroom design. The Classic Charger from Bittel does none of that. By mounting this charging component to the bottom of the guestroom phone, it doesn't take up additional space and it's still easily visible to the guest. Plus, it's attached to existing equipment that already sits at either the bedside or the desktop, making it extremely convenient for mobile device charging. It's what every guest wants and every property needs – plus it's at a price point that all properties can afford."

The Bittel Classic Charger is available in black or cream and costs $22.95 for two USB ports only or $29.95 for two USB plus the Multi-Connector Cable. For more information, contact Bittel Americas at (408) 298-8206 or email [email protected]. For more information on Bittel America's full line of in-room equipment options, visit

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