Believe it or not, but the state of a hotel's bathroom lends to the experience that people will detail when they leave reviews for your hotel. Because they paid for a luxury experience that they wouldn't normally get in their homes, customers expect this "luxury" to extend even in the room that they wouldn't use for more than 5 minutes, not counting showers.

However, renovating bathrooms seems to be the least of worries when a lot of other things matter in your hotel, such as the staff, the number of accommodations left, the dining experience, and the cost of running the whole place. Bathrooms are, after all, something brought out of necessity and the common thought is that so long as your customers can do their business, everything will be fine.

Importance of Updated Bathroom in Your Hotel Business— Photo by Luxury Commercial Bath
Importance of Updated Bathroom in Your Hotel Business— Photo by Luxury Commercial Bath

In fact, it's not. Bathrooms are a place to relax and freshen up, and doing it in a drab and unappealing place creates discomfort. On the other hand, a beautiful, updated bathroom adds to the overall experience one can have in a hotel, especially if they were looking for a hotel where they can have a grand, relaxing time away from their usual routine.

Updating a bathroom, however, appears to be only for the convenience of the customers. The cost of going through renovations of every bathroom in a hotel doesn't seem to be worth the excess expenditures and hassle it will cost everyone. On the contrary, updating your hotel bathroom can improve your business in the long run.

This infographic will show you five reasons why updating your hotel bathrooms is important, not only in attracting customers, but also in setting your hotel apart from the crowd and in increasing revenue.