Lodgify: The First Vacation Rental Software with Facebook Integration — Photo by Lodgify

Global vacation rental software company, Lodgify, have launched a new integration which will allow Facebook users to contact vacation rental owners/property managers directly on Facebook and vice versa.

This new integration will centralise all inboxes, making communication much simpler for vacation rental owners and property managers. Facebook messages received will arrive directly in the Lodgify inbox, allowing all replies to be managed from one place.

Lodgify CEO, Dennis Klett, believes that the way guests interact with rental businesses has changed and they are no longer limited to using browser-based websites. Klett is confident users will start seeking more information and even begin carrying out transactions over Facebook Messenger, because that is what they are becoming increasingly more comfortable with.

The first step Lodgify has taken towards providing a solution to this growing trend is to bridge the communication gap between its software users and their guests. Not only will this save time for both owners and guests because communication will be direct, but it could also help boost inquiry response rates from both sides.

The second step Lodgify plan to take is to allow users to book directly through Facebook Messenger.

"That's something we still have to build. Maybe not in 2017, but we're going in that direction. This is a new way of communicating with guests – owners have some limited information about who their guest is, it centralises communication and it is the first step of moving towards getting direct bookings through other platforms. Our vision is to help owners and managers to achieve more direct bookings, so we think this Facebook integration will help them increase their bookings." Klett comments.

The past few years have been quite eventful for the Barcelona-based vacation rental software startup. It's safe to say they are succeeding in their quest to change the way owners and property managers view the industry.

Lodgify was set up to help these business owners generate more direct accommodation bookings and become less dependent on online travel agencies like Airbnb and Booking.com, who typically charge high commissions and traveller fees.

In April 2016, Lodgify raised €1.4 million (US$1.6 million) in a financing round led by Nauta Capital. The new investment brings Lodgify's total funding to €2 million and will help the startup to accelerate product development as well as expand its sales and marketing efforts.

In 2014, Lodgify was selected as one of the winners of Seedcamp London, Europe's leading accelerator and mentoring program. Since then, Lodgify has been regularly adding features and is now offering their software and customer support in three additional languages – Spanish, Italian and German.

The company offers a unique software-as-a-service solution that allows vacation rental businesses to easily create a website with a "Book now" button and manage reservations in a much more accessible way.

Furthermore, the easy-to-use solution is embedded in a single integrated back-office, allowing users to manage reservations, guest communications and booking channels from one place.

By developing powerful software that enhances and simplifies the online marketing and management of short-term accommodation rental businesses, Lodgify are paving the way for business owners to become more self-sufficient.

Lodgify's business model is based on a monthly subscription plan, available for both holiday rental owners with a single property, and managers with up to 500+ properties. The resounding features of this software include mobile-friendly website templates, a reservation system, a channel manager and an online booking engine that integrates with both Stripe and Paypal to take credit card payments.

"Lodgify's mission is to empower vacation rental operators to grow their business through technology," says Dennis Klett, co-founder of Lodgify. "Our product pipeline is filled with innovative features and new website templates tailored to the modern needs of hospitality businesses."

Carla Chicharro