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DeskBell as the key to increase the average check of a hotel

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As we all know, a guest is the central figure in any hotel business. The hotel is oriented on his preferences and requests when planning its strategy. If it turns out to be successful, then, as a rule, a visible outcome of this becomes a satisfied guest, and hence an average check increases. However, what to do if it seems that all the details are thought out, but the average check still remains in weak positions? Most likely, it is worth considering the implementation of digital-tools in the hotel, in particular, the new mobile service DeskBell.

Let us say, a hotelier approached the formation of a strategy with all responsibility and took absolutely everything into account: a wide range of services, a beautiful interior, high-quality furniture, impeccably matched staff, performing their tasks in the first-rate fashion, interesting events in the hotel, well-kept territory and an inviting atmosphere. Why are the guests still passive? Why do not they use additional services and attend events? In this case, the first thing to think about is the level of awareness and the peculiarities of the hotel infrastructure.

Does the guest know that the hotel has its own restaurant, where you can, for example, have breakfast, and what menu does the restaurant offer? How to find a swimming pool or a gym? Does a guest know that a concert will be held in the hotel soon? The guest can have much more similar questions. Some guests may be afraid to disturb the staff to find out something, or simply be lazy. The result for the hotelier is a low average check and money that the guest did not spend on additional hotel services, which he did not even know about. The already mentioned above mobile service DeskBell will help to change the situation for the better.

DeskBell can be called a guide. The application provides the guest with all the information about the services of the chosen hotel in a systematic way and gives a detailed description of each of them. Having installed DeskBell, the guest not only knows about the offered additional services, but feeling much more confident by owning and using the information. Even being at your hotel for the first time, the guest can quickly learn about restaurants and the menu that is offered there, see what entertainment it provides and decide whether to go to the pool or to the gym the evening. The task of the application is to describe the services in detail and provide the guest with a wide variety of choice. For more convenient guidance on the territory of the hotel there is a map in DeskBell on which a person will easily find what he needs. In addition, the developers of the service foresaw the fact that many people find it difficult to get acquainted with someone, and therefore built in the chat in the application. There, guests can find a company for the whole holiday or, for example, a partner for playing tennis.

This is a sizeable disparity. Of course, launching DeskBell in your hotel requires a certain amount of effort on the part of the hotel manager: the information that will be displayed in the application in the smartphones of guests should be detailed, but at the same time capacious and bright. The financial result will not take long. Undoubtedly, the first guests who will use DeskBell, would love to take advantage of many hotel services and are unlikely to deny themselves such pleasure. The result is the guests' excellent impressions and the much desired increase in the average check of the hotel.

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