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Supplier News21 February 2018

Groups360™ Offers Industry-Wide Use of GroupSync™ Sourcing Technology Through March 31

Startup Aims to Show the Importance of Useful Data in an Evolving Meetings Industry

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DELETED: Groups360

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- In the face of tumultuous changes in the meetings industry including the yet unknown impact of an evolving commission structure, Groups360 has announced its decision to open its proprietary GroupSync technology for free use by all meeting planners, hoteliers and intermediaries through March 31, for a sneak peek at the future of meeting planning technology.


"This year has already shown unexpected changes for our industry, and we want to help people on both sides navigate the waters," said Groups360 CEO Kemp Gallineau. "We hear every day that current solutions are inadequate. Corporate meeting planners don't know where to start a search, association planners don't have the time to manually contact properties, and brand sales leaders can't easily find properties for important clients. By opening up our platform, which has made our meeting planners and Sales Advisors the most effective and efficient in the business, to the entire industry, we intend to show that providing transparency to planners and hoteliers will help all parties make the first quarter of 2018 their best quarter ever."

Groups360's GroupSync searches more than 70,000 hotels to curate a list tailored to the planner's preferences and needs, reducing a weeks-long process to mere minutes. Not only does the GroupSync Market Estimate reveal how much a planner can expect to pay before contacting hotels, the Marketplace Advantage Program™ highlights available incentives offered by hoteliers for the specific dates under consideration, cutting down the need to sift through irrelevant paid placements and email spam.

"Technology has played a pivotal role in industries like real estate and car buying, transforming the way those industries transact business. We think intelligent technology powered by great data can make a tremendous impact in adding efficiency and value to the meeting planning process as well, especially in the light of recent changes," Gallineau said. "The transparency created by providing curated, accurate, useful information during the buying process will make transactions easier and more efficient as people become empowered to make the best possible decision."

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About Groups 360

Groups360 has the goal of simplifying and transforming the ways meetings are booked. The Company's search engine, GroupSync, using its proprietary matching algorithms designed specifically for meeting planners, has helped place thousands of events at the right venue, saving planners time and money. The Company's price predictor tool delivers improved transparency, reducing time and effort required to book meetings for both the hotel and the planner. Groups360's management team has decades of experience in the meetings and events industry and provides the right mix of technology and experienced advisors. Using GroupSync, planners can search over 170,000 properties in 225 countries.

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