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Press Release27 March 2018

As Its Flags Come Down, Trump Hotels Looks to Manage Other Brands’ Properties

Trump Hotels has begun looking to expand past its regular business managing lodging properties under brands other than its own namesakes

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Trump Hotels has begun looking to expand past its regular business managing lodging properties under brands other than its own namesakes, and experts say that a first step in this direction may be a move to run a hotel that is linked to Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law.


The company, which was founded years ago by U.S. President Donald Trump, is now in talks to manage a planned hotel that would be located in Long Branch, New Jersey. This property is currently under development by the Kushner Cos., which was led by Jared Kushner before he joined the White House as a senior adviser to President Trump, who is his father-in-law. As part of this, Kushner transferred some assets to family members so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

The Trump Hotel Brand Historically

In the past, the Trump Hotels brand has historically focussed its assets and attentions on developing luxury lodgings, as well as on licensing its brands to outside owners. This licensing business, however, has come under highly visible pressure since Donald Trump's political rise, and some of the owners of Trump branded properties have since rebranded their hotels in order to distance themselves from the divisive rhetoric of the president.

The company's CEO, Eric Danzinger, however, has said that expanding has long been part of the plan for the Trump Hotels company.

"I came to help grow this business from a single brand to a multibrand hotel company that licenses, franchises and manages hotels — exactly the way most major hotel companies work," CEO Eric Danziger has told reporters in an email. "This includes management of properties that are not branded by us."

Danzinger joined Trump Hotels back in 2015, and he has also said that given time the company could expand into every single major United States Metropolitan area. While getting into the hotel management side of the business, Trump Hotels has also taken the steps of launching two new brands, which are named Scion and American Idea.

A Public Dispute in Panama

Of the ongoing disputes about management of Trump Hotels, the most public has taken place in Panama City, where the owners of one property physically removed Trump Hotels signage while working to permanently oust the company as the hotels management.

Currently, this case remains at the discretion of an arbitrator. To date, hotel owners in both New York City and Toronto have rebranded properties to ditch the Trump Hotels name.

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