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Supplier News21 June 2018

Evolve Controls Releases First Consolidated Guest-Facing Room Controls Interface

The sleek Evolve Guest Interface offers not only guest control, but hotel branding, consolidated devices for minimalistic design, advanced security and future-proof application integration.

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Evolve Controls

CHICAGO, IL -- Wireless, cloud-based in-room control and management solutions provider, Evolve Controls, today announced the launch of Evolve Guest Interface (eGI), the hospitality industry's first multi-protocol gateway built into a touch-screen interface device.


A first of its kind, the eGI device will interface with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

"With the multiple options for connecting IoT solutions in today's fragmented technology industry, any product for the hospitality industry isn't complete without multiple radio frequency connectivity options that include Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave," according to Armand Rabinowitz, Senior Director of Strategy and Workgroups at Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG). "These options enable operators to choose the most reliable standard for uniquely noisy RF environments."

By addressing the need for multiple protocols, Evolve offers hotels greater flexibility and compatibility for integrations with existing technologies.

The 8" Windows/Intel-based gateway is a sleek, simple, yet powerful device that enables guests to control in-room climate, lighting, shading and drapery, as well as other functions to increase efficiencies for both guests and staff.

eGI is built upon Evolve's cloud-based Room Operations Control (RoC) platform. This means that:

  • Turn down, butler or housekeeping services are accomplished with a touch of a button, saving precious time.
  • The digital clock automatically syncs, eliminating the manual process of updating clocks.
  • It is compatible with Evolve's existing portfolio of in-room devices.
  • The solution does not require expensive onsite servers to maintain, or costly home-run wiring.
  • Each room can stand alone and operate independent of Internet access.

As modern hotel interior design shifts toward minimalism, the demand for fewer room controls devices without affecting the guest experience will become increasingly prevalent. The eGI is designed to stay ahead of this trend by consolidating devices such as the guest-controlled thermostat, special devices for lighting and shading control, IoT gateway, USB charger, alarm clock, and platform for Guest Services applications — all within the device. With less devices, customers save.

"We provide our customers with the most effective method to offer the best possible experience for their guests," said Kristin Miller, CEO of Evolve Controls. "eGI is a breakthrough in addressing the rising demand for innovative, individualized and effective technology, minimalist design, and includes the must-haves for future-proof application integration."

"Guest expectations drive technology. Not all guests are alike. While some expect the latest and greatest, others want simplicity," mentioned John Swain, Director of Product Management of Evolve Controls. "eGI incorporates high-tech, yet is intuitive enough for any guest to use."

eGI takes on an advanced multi-layered security approach, with features such as Over-the-Air (OTA) continuous security updates and Microsoft's security stack — imperative in mitigating risk for both the guests and hotel.

The eGI allows the hotel to configure the home screen to include branding elements, as well as hotel-wide messages. In addition, guests are enabled to personalize functions such as an alarm clock and screen brightness settings. The eGI is available in table-top and wall mounted options based on your design requirements. For more information, visit

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