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External Article 7 September 2018

Hospitality sector welcomes AI voice services

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The Drum

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri from Apple have initiated a revolution in search, and it is a significant transformation within the marketing and customer services industries.

The key change for marketers is that, a typed search entry typically generates multiple results, while voice search often offers just one spoken result. Consumers using voice assistants now depend on the information within this first search result, rather than the option to choose from several options, as they did previously. This means that businesses are vying for this top spot: second place means their brand just won't show up. So, how can businesses and brands boost their online discoverability through voice search?

Amazon, the key player in this space, has a direct integration with Yext to ensure that the business information - locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more - of Yext customers is accurate and up to date in Amazon Alexa. Through this integration with the Yext platform, Amazon now sources business information straight from the Yext customer; directly from the business itself. This management and syncing of business data is known as Digital Knowledge Management (DKM), an essential marketing process to ensure that consumers can discover, locate and engage with a business' products, people, and services.

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