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Press Release 5 November 2018

Alibaba Group has unveiled its first “future hotel” in Zhejiang

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Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group, China's e-commerce giant, has unveiled its first "future hotel", also known as "Flyzoo Hotel", in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.


It is equipped with the latest leading technology, many futuristic features are enabled at the hotel, guests can check into the hotel without talking to anyone. They can walk straight to their rooms and get their faces scanned at the door to gain entry.

The robots can be found everywhere in the hotel, and they would guide the guests by providing recorded voice messages and accompany them during their stay.

The guests can also control indoor temperatures, lighting intensity, household appliances through their voices. A very notable device that the hotel is equipped with is called "Tmall Genie", which is an AI management system.

The system will take orders from guests, including buying groceries. Wang Qun, CEO of the Flyzoo Hotel said that the new AI system will help to improve the management efficiency of the hotel, by reducing more than half of the labor forces. It is said that the furniture and many other items in the hotel can be bought merely by taking photos through a designated APP.

It's also said that the Flyzoo Hotel provided 7 theme-rooms, which will create a better living experience for the guests.

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Alibaba Group's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. The company aims to build the future infrastructure of commerce. It envisions that its customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba, and that it will be a company that lasts at least 102 years.

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