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Editorial Article29 January 2019

Smells Like Change - Pendry Hotels Meets MiN New York

Hospitality Net interviews Chad Murawczyk About Redefining Luxury Hotel Amenities

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MiN New York

HN interviews Chad Murawczyk, Founder and CEO of MiN NEW YORK, to talk about the growing importance of luxury hotel amenity partnerships.


HN: What is your current outlook of luxury hotel amenities, and how do you operate in that space?

With more than 20 years of experience in luxury consumer goods, I don't necessarily see myself as a newcomer to the hotel amenity business, but rather someone with a fresh perspective on how to revolutionize this specific area, and in turn, hospitality in general. Scent is a foundational element of brand identity, and a hotel concept has the opportunity move beyond visual and tactile and become experiential.

Consumers are already aware of us worldwide for our fragrances and brand identity, and addressing the growing demand in the luxury hotel amenity space specifically has been an exciting extension for the brand. It enables both our hotel partner and for us as a brand to continue the consumer conversation and deliver an elevated guest experience from an otherwise predictable and formulaic format.

HN: How are you approaching the growing demand for your products in the luxury hotel amenity space?

We are prioritizing the release of our collection into key global markets with best in class hotel partners for each respective market. Upcoming projects include London and Dubai, where we are experiencing strong consumer demand.

HN: Why do luxury amenity curators choose to include MiN NEW YORK products over others?

We are viewed as a contemporary luxury lifestyle brand and leaders in the hotel industry align with our value system and perspective on what today's luxury traveler is looking for.

There are two essential elements - our fragrances and formulations and our brand and the value system we represent.

The partnerships take something fairly common in terms of bath and body products, and combine it with something remarkable through our exclusives with one of our Scent Stories fragrances. The quality and combination of raw materials that we use in our fragrances are masterfully blended in Grasse, France and honor the fine art of perfumery. Our fragrances are sold highly selectively at independent boutiques and select department stores such as Harrod's in London and Bloomingdale's Dubai. The Scent Stories fragrance collection links memories with experiences, and that's something all luxury hotels strive to achieve. How we communicate scent is as important as the scent itself.

HN: Which partnership is your greatest success thus far? How did you choose that scent?

The partnership with Pendry Hotels is by far our greatest success in the space. From the outset, before I was even aware of the opportunity, Michael Fuerstman, Co-Founder and Creative Director, set out to identify the exact right partner for their hotel amenity program. We are highly selective of our market partners. It's vital that they must be unique and authentic, with an unwavering commitment to providing their customers with modern, luxurious experiences. With Michael and Pendry Hotels, I found a genuine connection and we shared a similar value system on how we perceive our role to hotel guests.

Michael and I chose Momento, from Scent Stories Volume One to be the official amenity fragrance for Pendry. As both Momento and Pendry celebrate authentic yet modernized nostalgia, and the experiences associated with it, the ethos of the hotel and MiN NEW YORK merged seamlessly.

I also view this partnership as a great success through the way each visitor connects so well with the scent and associates it with their stay at Pendry. All the positive feedback we've received from consumers certainly helps solidify the partnership.

HN: Who do you believe is your greatest competition?

Large entities can be reluctant to embrace new ideas and feel that a "safe" decision is the right decision. MiN NEW YORK is a very real option to the global conglomerate brands. While there were certainly special brands over the years, many went too wide with availability while others struggle with relevance among today's consumer. There is something special about being truly selective and remaining so, and putting aside short term gains for a longer-term perspective in order to cultivate genuine connections with our partners and their guests. Where we aren't is as important as where you find us.

I think what also sets us apart is that we are an active, brand building partner. Unlike most hotel amenity programs which are simply long-term licensed deals, we play an active role in helping to craft and communicate the guest experience for today's traveler.

HN: What are your next steps?

We are focused on continuing to build the global architecture of our partnerships and alliances. Expansion of our partnerships are always and already underway. The key is to remain diligent in ensuring that we are truly aligned with each of our hotel amenity partnerships and can collectively elevate the category of world-class hospitality.

A few words from Michael Fuerstman, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Pendry Hotels on their partnership:

"The bath amenity program is such an intimate part of a hotel guest's stay. It's very personal. Every guest has an interaction with these products, and ultimately takes the sensation and scent with them as they go throughout their day. What we loved about MiN, and the MiN Momento scent and amenity collaboration with Pendry, is that MiN approaches a luxurious scent in a unique way. The storytelling, branding, and packaging feel luxe, but with an edge, a sharper attitude. You can feel Chad's vision for new luxury, and it is very consistent with Pendry. The emphasis on quality, a strong point of view, and attention to detail are all distilled into a unique, memorable product, and ultimately memorable experience." - Michael Fuerstman, Co-Founder, Creative Director - Pendry Hotels & Resorts

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