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Supplier News11 April 2019

SALTO’s SVN-Flex innovative electronic locking technology enhances the guest experience, hotel management & more

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Salto Systems

SALTO's networked electronic locking SVN-Flex technology brings guest and staff credential updating to the ultimate point in access control: the door! This impressive new feature results in a variety of added benefits for the hospitality sector in particular by enhancing the guest experience, hotel management, security, IT and maintenance.

Based on SALTO's BLUEnet wireless technology and in combination with the SALTO Hospitality aesthetic electronic locking product range, SVN-Flex extends and increases the number of updating points directly to any door in the hotel. SVN-Flex functionality can be enabled on any product in the SALTO XS4 electronic lock range including guest room doors with the new SALTO Ælement Fusion, guest services doors and back-of-house access points.

SVN-Flex is managed via SALTO's ProAccess SPACE front desk management web-based software. It dramatically reduces the cost of installing additional updating points in an access control system yet provides the capability of adding updating points where required. The options for affordable updating points are endless: guest rooms, perimetral doors, emergency exits, hall doors, gates equipped with mechanical cylinders and much more.

SVN-Flex has specific benefits for the hospitality sector that result in an improved guest experience, enhanced hotel management, increased security and better operations.

Guest Experience

SVN-Flex provides a better keyless and mobile experience for guests.

  • No need for users to go to specific doors to update/revalidate an expired key, for a re-rooming or for an extended stay.
  • 24/7 real-time access, monitoring and security.
  • Ensures security and accessibility to all property facilities, resulting in no more key delivery costs or time-consuming procedures when keys are lost.

Hotel Management

SVN-Flex provides a safe and convenient environment for guests, visitors and staff and provides the most up-to-date user access information for virtually all doors.

  • Provides advanced access control capabilities that are designed to give end users ultimate freedom of choice regarding system layout, type and number of access points as well as level of security.
  • Uses a trusted access control management platform and high-quality hospitality electronic locking solution.
  • Allows for guest re-rooming, extended stay and updated access permissions/levels with the click of a button.
  • Seamlessly integrates with check-in, PMS, room management and building automation systems.
  • Optimizes the use of guest services areas and back-of-house.
  • Eliminates hassle of lost keys with the ability to instantly issue guest or staff key cancellation.


SVN-Flex enhances security and improves overall access flow in the hotel property.

  • Enhances hotel security for any type of door and eliminates guest and staff key management issues. Make user authorization changes in real-time, from any hotel access point.
  • Increases security by having a higher number of doors distribute information about guest and staff access privilege changes, lost key cancellations, updated blacklist information, offline networked hotel property audit records and more.
  • Communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points. This drastically reduces the time gap in collecting critical information.
  • In case of a power failure, the system continues to function due to SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) backbone technology. SVN ensures guest access cards and locks remain operational without compromising access.
  • Thanks to SALTO Wireless BLUEnet technology, guest room door status monitoring, lockdowns, emergency openings, remote openings, intrusion alarms - and more - can be performed at the click of a mouse or can be programmed automatically through a ProAccess SPACE trigger alarm.


SVN Flex combines the reliability, security and scalability of an on-premises access control solution with the flexibility and availability of stand-alone, networked electronic lock technology.

  • Uses stand-alone, battery-operated hotel electronic locks (no door hardwire installation).
  • Easy to cross-link stand-alone, wireless locks and online access points and integrate into existing hotel IT networks without consuming IT resources.
  • Reliable on-premises access control infrastructure that is designed to adapt and grow as needs grow (up to hundreds of doors with thousands of users).
  • Works with every popular smart keycard covering the mainstream RFID technologies.
  • Web-based ProAccess SPACE software facilitates set-up, routine use and monitoring, as well as any updating and changing of access rights.
  • Unmatched levels of data protection with advanced security and the highest standard encryption communications.
  • Works with standard system network requirements.


SVN-Flex allows you to manage and secure access control for all hotel properties right from the hotel front-desk.

  • Check battery status and door status in just a few easy steps.
  • Low set-up cost and maintenance, saving money and time.
  • Choose from a broad range of design hardware that enhances any décor from guest room to back of house.
  • Efficiently uses the natural movements of guests and staff within and across the individual areas of the hotel to update the door network.
  • Remotely administer and manage maintenance operations (like low battery warnings and door status messages), which reduces help desk calls

Adding SVN Flex to a hospitality access control solution results in an exponential increase in security, control, effectiveness and convenience for guests and management. The communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points resulting in the most up-to-date system available in the hospitality market for access control.

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