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Press Release23 April 2019

A Look at Hilton’s 100 Years of Industry Firsts - Part 2

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This is a follow-up to the article we published April 18th, announcing its 100 year anniversary since  Conrad Hilton first laid eyes on a two-story, 40-room Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas... Hilton's first hotel. Below are some historic photos we would like to share.


1972 - Hilton Reservations Department 

Hilton develops the first centralized reservation service using computer technology, HILTRON, which unites all Hilton hotels.

1945 - First Guest Room TVs

Hilton was the first hotel company to install TVs in guests rooms, beginning with the Roosevelt Hotel in New York in 1947.

NYSE Listing

First listing of Hilton International Stock on the New York Stock Exchange. Keith Funston, NYSE President, points out the listing to Conrad Hilton.

1958 - Carte Blanche Credit Card

In 1958, Barron Hilton introduced the new Hilton Carte Blanche credit card, the premier travel and entertainment card owned by Hilton Hotels.

1967 - Batman Comic Strip

Conrad Hilton was the first hotelier to be featured in a syndicated comic strip. He appeared in Batman in 1967.

1965 - Lady Hilton Brochure

Hilton developed a department of women's services in 1965, which led to a hotel product exclusively for women travelers, later branded as "Lady Hilton."

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