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Press Release14 May 2019

Rosen Research Review magazine launched by UCF Rosen College

Digital and Hard-copy Publication for Hospitality Industry Partners

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Orlando, FL - Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, in partnership with Research Features, has released the first issue of the Rosen Research Review. The magazine reflects the changing times in hospitality research and academia as the college works in collaboration with its industry partners to address their needs and share knowledge gained in analyzing the ever-changing industry.

The goal of the magazine is to help hospitality and tourism practitioners navigate the future of how we enjoy all aspects of hospitality, attractions, events, entertainment, foodservice, restaurants and more.

"This is truly a breakthrough in the sharing of research," stated Robertico Croes, Ph.D., associate dean at Rosen College, director of the Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies and co-editor of the Rosen Research Review. "Most research is presented in journals, which is great for fellow scholars, but challenging for industry, community leaders and partners. This magazine takes some of the best research Rosen College has to offer and presents it in publication that's enjoyable to read, with great photos, while delivering news that can be used to help hospitality businesses succeed."

Each article speaks to a different segment of the hospitality industry and introduces experts in the field who are members of the Rosen College faculty. Industry experts and thought leaders are also profiled, the first being Sebastian Bazin, CEO of Accor the largest hotel group in the world outside the United States, and Misty Johantgen, COO of Experience Kissimmee, a region that's home to thousands of vacation homes and attractions. The magazine is in both electronic and hard copy; it's easy to read, save, bookmark and share the content. Issues will be distributed twice annually. To read the Rosen Research Review visit:


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Susan Vernon-Devlin
Assistant Director of Public Relations
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