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Press Release11 July 2019

Dorint Advocates Social And Environmental Responsibility In The Hotel Business

The leaders of the Dorint Group CEO Karl-Heinz Pawlizki and COO Jörg T. Böckeler demonstrate their commitment to support the hotel industry in its aim for sustainable growth and greater social responsibility by joining International Tourism Partnership

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Dorint Hotels (Germany)

International Tourism Partnership (ITP) brings together the leaders in the hospitality industry to take action on issues that impact our planet and people around the world. Recognising the need for collective action, ITP and their members have identified the areas where the hospitality industry can have the greatest impact and make a positive contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) for 2030.


Currently, ITP members comprise of 16 global hotel groups with 30,000 hotels and four million rooms. Dorint Group is the latest member to join ITP and commit to the sustainability goals.

"Cooperation on this level is important, since real change can only be fostered on a large scale and with global collaboration," says Karl-Heinz Pawlizki, who joined the ITP Board. "Also, working together helps us to reach our own group's goals for sustainability and the protection of the environment."

Jörg T. Böckeler, a member of the ITP's Executive Committee, adds: ''We are looking forward to exchanging ideas and procedures within the network, acting more sustainably, using fewer resources, reducing our CO2 emissions and also learning from one another in regard to other issues such as responsible recruitment."

ITP's goals represent an industry commitment to take action:

  1. Firstly, to collectively impact one million young people through employability programmes by 2030.
  2. Secondly, to embed water stewardship programmes to reduce the number of people affected by water scarcity and identify ways to address water scarcity.
  3. Thirdly, to embrace science-based targets, and encourage the wider industry to join in reducing emissions at scale.
  4. And finally, to raise awareness of human rights risks, embed human rights into corporate governance, and address risks arising in the labour supply chain and during construction.

Welcoming Dorint Group, ITP Director Madhu Rajesh says: "We are delighted to welcome Dorint Group to our membership of the world's leading hotel companies. We look forward to their shared expertise as we continue to drive positive action within the hospitality industry on the key issues that impact communities and the environment."

With its growing worldwide presence and its economic power, the hospitality industry is in a unique position to work together to influence change - not only with guests, but also with partners, suppliers, competitors and other industries. ITP and the senior executives within its membership work together to share their diverse expertise and create innovative resources and programmes that enable every hotel to operate and grow responsibly, making even the most ambitious targets for 2030 achievable.

About International Tourism Partnership (ITP)

International Tourism Partnership (ITP) brings together the global hospitality industry to protect the planet and support people around the world. They convene the leading hospitality companies to share expertise and create resources and programmes that enable every hotel to operate and grow responsibly.

ITP is a non-profit membership organisation with 16 members. ITP is a programme of Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince's Responsible Business Network.

About Dorint GmbH

Based in Cologne, Germany, operates 51 hotels in Europe under the brand names "Dorint Hotels & Resorts" and "Essential by Dorint". About 3,300 employees in Germany and Switzerland stand for a warm and natural hospitality in distinctively individual hotels that are anchored deeply in their local environment and history. Dorint is one of the leading hotel groups in Germany.

Dorint Hotels & Resorts offer ideal destinations for business travelers and holidaymakers alike. The rooms and suites feature every conceivable amenity. The conference and meeting rooms are equipped so as to enable concentrated and effective work to be done. And should anyone wish to relax at the end of a demanding day, the wellness areas in the Dorint Hotels & Resorts are ideal places in which to unwind. Dorint Hotels & Resorts also offer wide-ranging leisure options: a variety of cultural events and shopping tours, as in Berlin or Amsterdam, enjoying the mountains, as in Seefeld or Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or getting a breath of sea air, as in Wustrow or on Sylt. Dorint Hotels & Resorts have offers available to suit every palate.

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