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Press Release20 January 2020

AKA Wants to Help People Break Bad Habits and Create New Positive Ones

Introducing “Own It!: Own Making a Change & Own the New Behavior”

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NEW YORK, NY AKA, the world's leading hotel residence brand, wants to encourage people to create new positive habits and break old bad habits to kick-off 2020. Seventy percent of American adults have at least one unhealthy habit that can shorten their lifespan, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.


To help residents replace negative habits with new, healthier behavior, AKA has created the program, "Own It!: Own Making a Change & Own the New Behavior," to help guide travelers and residents to a more positive and uplifting lifestyle - and commit to it long-term. After all, it's not easy to banish bad habits.

Given AKA's specialty in weekly and monthly stays, residents have the time that's needed to form a habit and replace bad behavior. An AKA Resident Services Team Member will speak with a resident any time before or during a stay to find out what bad habit they'd like to crack or what positive habit they'd like to introduce into their life, to help uplift their mind, body and soul. Based on these discussions, the AKA Resident Services Team Member will suggest a program with the right coaches, classes or activities based on the resident and the city. (AKA has properties in NYC, D.C., Philadelphia, L.A. and London).

Here are three common bad habits with suggestions for casting them off when staying at any AKA in NYC.

1. Checking Social Media Too Much?

Spending too much time on social media is almost a given today. But hours of scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can result in a downfall to your physical and mental health, including lack of sleep and low self-esteem.

AKA wants to help you take back your winning confidence by engaging in new interests that leave social media behind. These programs will take you away from your phone, while helping you gain a new perspective and a renewed connection with yourself.

Floral design classes at Flower School New York will keep your hands too occupied to be checking your mobile screen. Flowers have a positive impact on our emotional health. You'll feel your creativity flowing and a deeper connection to nature, something we are missing when our faces are glued to our phones' radio frequencies.

2. Want to Incorporate More Exercise into Your Routine and Lifestyle?

With the advent of streaming platforms, like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, binge-watching has become the new normal, which, for many people, means that physical activity takes a back seat. Exercise helps control weight, combat disease and boost mood, energy and sleep. Here are four ways to bring the elixir of exercise back into your life:

Boxing-inspired, group fitness workout at RUMBLE, incorporates the best principles of boxing, strength training and metabolic conditioning to help stimulate the mind and body.

3-in-1 wellness experiences at Aqua Studio, where aqua-cycling classes provide a saltwater massage, cardio and strength training, as well as healing therapy.

Shock yourself out of laziness and into a fitness routine at Shock Therapy Fitness NYC where strength and metabolism classes will give you mood-boosting, muscle-toning and fat-burning results that will make you want to keep up the good work and feeling.

3. Skimping on Sleep?

Study after study finds that sleep and health go hand in hand and failing to keep proper sleep habits in mind could be a recipe for disaster. Here are mindful programs to help put your sleep patterns back on the right track and fight insomnia:

Daily meditation classes with MNDFL at MNDFL or in your suite to embark on a Zen-filled journey that will help you enter a state of deep relaxation, reduce stress and develop mindfulness.

Two appointments at WTHN, New York City's favorite modern acupuncture and healing studio, where a menu of services will help relax your mind, restore balance, and enhance your sleep and overall well-being.

For more information on how to book Own It!, visit:

About AKA

AKA, a division of Korman Communities is a growing portfolio of 12 innovative properties in prestigious metropolitan locations, including New York City (AKA Central Park, AKA Times Square, AKA Sutton Place, AKA United Nations, AKA Wall Street and AKA Tribeca), Los Angeles (AKA Beverly Hills and AKA West Hollywood), Philadelphia (AKA Rittenhouse and AKA University City), Washington, D.C. (AKA White House) and London (AKA Marylebone). Spacious accommodations offer the privacy of luxury residences integrated with hotel services and amenities. All suites include top-of the-line contemporary furnishings; luxurious bathrooms; a.sleep, AKA's custom Italian bedding; meticulous housekeeping; premium cable. While each property is unique and has distinct resident and guest offerings, all feature AKA brand standards and amenities, such as exclusive lounges, eateries, workout centers outfitted with TechnoGym equipment, business centers, complimentary meetings spaces, complimentary high-speed Internet access in suites and throughout the properties, en-suite dining, 24-hour front desk assistance and dedicated doormen. In addition, residents at most of AKA's properties can enjoy a.cinema, AKA's intimate screening room.

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AKA, a division of Korman Communities is a growing portfolio of 12 innovative properties in prestigious metropolitan locations, including New York City (AKA Central Park, AKA Times Square, AKA Sutton Place, AKA United Nations, AKA Wall Street and AKA Tribeca), Los Angeles (AKA Beverly Hills and AKA West Hollywood), Philadelphia (AKA Rittenhouse and AKA University City), Washington, D.
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