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External Article16 March 2020

From London To New York, How Empty Hotels May Turn Into Coronavirus Hospitals

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As hospitals from London to New York face the increasing risk of bed shortages due to the coronavirus, could hotels-which are being emptied out by the global crisis-be the answer? Best Western Great Britain is one of those considering the option of turning hotels into temporary hospitals as additional bed space is needed.

Europe is now the epicentre of the pandemic accounting for about a third of global cases, and deaths. This is placing immense pressure on hospitals, particularly in Italy and Spain, but also in the UK whose 1144 cases represent just 2% of Europe's total.

BWGB has 260 independently owned and managed hotels across England, Scotland and Wales, which could be repurposed. It plans to discuss the plan with its members this week, of easing the pressure on over-crowded hospitals, which are struggling to find beds for all patients. Between them they could muster up almost 15,000 bedrooms as makeshift wards.

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