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External Article19 March 2020

Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For Hours Or Days: Here's How To Sanitize Your Hotel Room

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Your hotel room is your home away from home, with a few exceptions: the hundreds or even thousands of strangers from every corner of the world who have slept there. And the hotel staff may not have the same standards of cleanliness that you do at home.

Having a sanitary hotel room is important under normal circumstances but with coronavirus cases mounting in the United States, it's a crucial way of helping protect travelers from picking up the COVID-19 virus, which a new study authored by scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institiutes of Health, Princeton and UCLA says can live on surfaces for anywhere from a few hours to days.

If you can't avoid traveling - or are trying to make your way home - during the coronavirus pandemic, try the following steps to achieving a clean hotel room to help improve your odds of staying healthy - and lower your anxiety level.

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