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Supplier News31 March 2020

Protel kicks off "Industry Insider" webinar series

90-Minute "Deep Dives" show Protel's latest product features

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As part of the effort to keep the hotel technology industry fit and in shape until CORONA & Co allow us all back to normality, protel is showcasing its new release of protel AIR, the cloud PMS, especially for Hotel Industry Insiders.

The "Industry Insider" series kicks off with two audience-specific webinars. One is aimed at consultants, offering them a quick and easy way to get the skinny: effectively evaluating the benefits of the new features from an operational standpoint within the hotel.

The second is aimed squarely at technology vendors, showing them hands-on how mission-critical apps and add-ons are integrated directly within the PMS itself. Apps made available on the protel Marketplace will immediately be available for the protel customer base via 1-click connect, which is currently over 14,000 hotels worldwide.

Both webinars show the latest product features and how these help day-to-day operational efficiency in the hotel itself. From Voice to Passport/ID scanning to digital signing and identity access, and of course, how the PMS functionalities can be enhanced with vendor-neutral widgets directly from the PMS.

So, if you're a consultant or a technology vendor with a little time on your hands, and you want to prepare your sales strategies for success once the Corona crisis passes, you could do much worse than investing 90 minutes now. Get to understand the current PMS vision better, and see how your business can be better with protel.

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About protel | Hotel software made in Germany

protel is the hotel PMS and platform pioneer with over 14,000 hotel customers in 90+ countries. protel's enterprise hospitality platform - based around the enterprise service bus, protel.I/O, and the cloud-based PMS, protel AIR - is a breakthrough for the industry. It's the only technology that allows hotels with multiple integrations to aggregate all specialist technology behavior to an intermediate level, accessible directly from within the PMS. Now, via the protel MARKETPLACE, hotels have a secure, vendor-neutral, open infrastructure to store, access, integrate, and use their data from any guest touchpoint in real-time. As a result, hotel CEO's, CIO's and CMO's can take control of their technology infrastructure and create best of breed ecosystems that deliver best-in-class guest experiences. protel's global headquarters were established over 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, and U.S. headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

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