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Supplier News 2 April 2020

COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Data from China [Updated 31 March]

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To assist the international markets build prediction models on the economic recovery post COVID-19 confinements, lockdowns and crisis we are publishing frequent updates from all the industries of Shiji's Chinese operations. We hope this can help management, strategy, marketing and operations teams of the various industries to develop their own plans for recovery and give some points of reference in this unique situation.

31 March 2020 — Booking Lead Time Behaviour

Shiji Distribution Solutions has analysed booking volumes and changes in lead time between booking date and arrival date. This chart shows the curve for quarter one 2020, from 1st January to 31st March.

  • Before the epidemic 70% of reservations were for 0-7 days ahead and 25% were 8-30 days ahead
  • After the epidemic 90% of reservations are for 0-7 days ahead and 5% for 8-30 days ahead
  • Biggest change in behaviour is that bookings are more "last minute"
  • Recovery continues at approximately 30% increase per week
  • Room nights booked is currently at 36% of pre-epidemic average

23 March 2020 — Small Retail Outlets Open

Shiji Retail unit has provided data on the number of retail outlets open for business in China per region. This data shows how small businesses are re-opening their stores to begin selling again. Two thirds (66%) of all Chinese small retail outlets are open for business again.

  • Hubei (the region of Wuhan) has the lowest open rate but has been rebounding the fastest with 24% of stores re-opening in the last 10 days.
  • Lowest open rate was reached two days before China peaked in number of active cases on Feb 17th.
  • Bigger cities have been slightly less affected but are also slightly slower at rebounding.


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