• All RedDoorz hotels in Singapore have attained the SG Clean quality mark - a stamp of assurance to the public that an establishment is committed to upholding good sanitation and hygiene practices.
  • RedDoorz launches "HygienePass" in Indonesia in collaboration with Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI) - The Indonesian Public Health Association, and targets to have all of RedDoorz 1,400 hotels in the country certified by June.
  • The certification programme will also be rolled out gradually across the Philippines and Vietnam in collaboration with local authorities.

Singapore, 28 April 2020 – RedDoorz, Southeast Asia's largest and fastest-growing online hotel management and booking platform, today announced that all its 9 hotel properties in Singapore have been "SG Clean"-certified.

The SG Clean campaign is a Singapore government effort to rally businesses and the public to uphold good sanitation standards and hygiene practices. The SG Clean quality mark is supported by key government agencies which include Enterprise Singapore (ESG), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and the National Environment Agency, as well as non-governmental organization partners such as the Public Hygiene Council.

As part of the certification audit, all of RedDoorz hotels in Singapore were assessed and certified by a qualified, third-party assessor. Each hotel underwent a seven-point checklist covering the hygiene and management processes including temperature and health screening of employees and implementation of sanitation practices, as well as complying with health and travel advisories, guidelines and government orders on COVID-19.

The firm also announced the launch of "HygienePass", an industry-wide cleanliness & sanitation certification programme for the hospitality industry. The certification is launched first in Indonesia in collaboration with Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (IAKMI) - The Indonesian Public Health Association (IAKMI), an industry association which provides public health policies and expertise.

Commenting on these initiatives, Amit Saberwal, Founder and CEO RedDoorz, said, "As one of the leading hotel brands and hospitality network in Southeast Asia, it is very important for us to plan ahead and ensure we are implementing the appropriate cleanliness, hygiene and sanitary measures across all our properties so that travellers are confident of our commitment to their health and safety."

"We are also aware that independent hotel owners are probably the most affected during this crisis and we would be happy to have them join the certification programme as we believe any hotel business will be able to benefit from its adoption. We are confident that with the launch of 'HygienePass', a RedDoorz initiative, we will be able to quickly establish the new industry standards of sanitation and hygiene, and these in turn will help boost consumer confidence once recovery starts to happen," further added Saberwal.

The launch of "HygienePass" is aimed at building travellers' confidence in hotel establishments by enabling consumers to easily identify certified properties, and reassure them that they are staying in hotels which implement and maintain a set of robust hygiene and cleanliness measures independently assessed by public health experts. To start with, RedDoorz will ensure all its 1,400 properties in Indonesia will undergo this certification programme. The certification will also be open for adoption by any hotel business that wants to meet the new industry standards for cleanliness and sanitation, a process which will be facilitated by RedDoorz in close coordination with IAKMI.

RedDoorz has developed a proprietary digital technology solution to enable key elements of the audit and certification process to be implemented digitally in light of the recent people mobility restrictions enforced by governments across Southeast Asia, while ensuring the solution can easily be adopted by a wide range of independent hotels who currently lack digitisation and sanitary certification processes.

To qualify for the "HygienePass" certification, hotel establishments will have to implement and maintain several rigorous sanitation and hygiene measures on a daily basis covering temperature checks of hotel staff employees and incoming guests, adoption of specific cleaning methodology and anti-bacterial products and equipment used to disinfect rooms and public areas, and heightened general hygiene practices. A comprehensive audit process will be carried out and independently assessed by IAKMI in Indonesia before the certification is awarded to hotel establishments.

Each measure included in the certification will need to be implemented and checked every day in order for the certificate to remain valid - this will be enforced with the enhanced technology the company has built to help counter the virus spread.

RedDoorz will also launch "HygienePass" certification in The Philippines and Vietnam by partnering with relevant authorities.

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