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External Article29 April 2020

How To Plan For Travel’s Expensive New Normal

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Recent surveys from sources like the Global Business Travel Association and a new BVK survey focusing on US traveler's recovery preferences show that travel's "new normal" won't look like anything we've seen before.

American travelers for both business and leisure say they won't be flying internationally any time soon. National travel will take first priority as the BVK survey shows. Most travelers will not want to go further afield than US destinations for some time.

For those who wish to know what "the new normal" will look like in international travel, one aspect is sure: it will likely be a lot more expensive.

Although fares are down at present because flights are empty, airlines are already looking at cabin designs that give customers more room in flight and most realize that flyers will not want to sit in the middle seat for some time to come, if ever. The days of packed flights at discount prices may be over. Even the CEO of Ryan Air, Michael O'Leary, recently stated that if he can't put flyers in middle seats he will close shop.

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