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External Article 6 May 2020

The Rise Of Sanitised Travel – The Touchless Airline Cabin

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Since we released our latest report, "The Rise of Sanitised Travel", and accompanying infographic, we have received tremendous feedback. In the report, we have focused on how the day in the life of an airline passenger is going to change post-corona.


While we created this report on the premise of predicting and re-imagining the customer journey and the future of air travel, we are now seeing our predictions becoming a reality, making our report more of a guide and blueprint for the aviation industry.

Today, I will take a look at how the cabin environment will change from being high-touch to virtually touchless.

Here is an overview of the areas I will cover:

  1. Seat-back pockets
  2. In-flight entertainment screens (IFE)
  3. The onboard dining experience

The Seat-Back Pocket

According to a study from Marketplace which analysed over 100 samples on 18 flights in 2018, the seat-back pocket is the second most contaminated area in the cabin, only topped by the headrest. The seat-pack pocket swabs tested positive for E.coli, and indicated high levels of mould and other bacteria as well. That does not sound like a place you would want to put your phone, tablet, book or water bottle right?

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