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External Article 7 May 2020

How Airbnb's Brian Chesky told I,900 employees they had lost their jobs

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On May 5, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky sent the following note to Airbnb employees.


This is my seventh time talking to you from my house. Each time we've talked, I've shared good news and bad news, but today I have to share some very sad news.

When you've asked me about layoffs, I've said that nothing is off the table.

Today, I must confirm that we are reducing the size of the Airbnb workforce.

For a company like us, whose mission is centered around belonging, this is incredibly difficult to confront, and it will be even harder for those who have to leave Airbnb.

I am going to share as many details as I can on how I arrived at this decision, what we are doing for those leaving, and what will happen next.

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